How to Hide Text Messages (SMS) and Call Logs on Android

Digital life offers countless benefits, but it also takes your privacy from you. Your messages and call logs are one of the most private data in your life. Messages or SMS app stores many personal details like bank alerts, telephone bills, and other utility bills. The data is nothing but your financial status, which you wouldn’t like to disclose to anybody.

Call logs possess all your call history; it reveals who you talk with frequently. Both the details need extra protection. You can hide your messages and call logs on your Android smartphone. We have listed a list of apps that can help you hide all your private information. Browse the list and download a suitable app on your Android device.

How to Hide Messages and Call Logs on Android

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages and Call Logs on Android Phone

1. Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

This app makes all your calls & SMS invisible to others; only you can see contacts, messages and call logs. This app creaes PrivateSpace, where you can save your private data. To set up the app, you need to enter a PIN-based lock; you can open this lock anytime in future to use the data. You can also hide this app from the app drawer. Install this app on your Android phone and import contacts, which will be labelled as private. You can use an option to hide contact from system address book of your device. All your messages from private contacts will be stored in PrivateSpace. Moreover, the app facilitates hiding and blocking calls at awkward times from a select few contacts.

Download Private SMS & Call – Hide Text

2. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS ProOver 100 million users vouch for the efficiency of Go SMS Pro. This app enjoys staggering popularity on Google Play Store with its vast range of customization options. Its user interface captures attention of all Android users; add your contacts to a private box available in this app to see all communications there. To hide your communication plans, you can hide the private box icon in the app. If you are fed up with the default messenger app, Go SMS Pro is a better option to switch to.

Download Go SMS Pro

3. Calculator

CalculatorThe first impression makes you believe that it a calculator, but actually this app creates a cover under which you can hide your text messages. Other users might think that it is a calculator on your Android device; use hidden messaging vault by entering ‘123+=’ in the calculator. You will be landed on the main screen where you can transfer some contacts as private. Others won’t be able to sneak into this private space, where you can stash call logs and private contacts.

Download Calculator

4. Private Message Box

Private Message BoxPrivate Message Box creates a secure wall behind which you can store your messages received from certain contacts. Also add some numbers as private contacts. This action will automatically move text messages from those private contacts into the app. To watch content of Private Message Box, you need to enter PIN.

Download Private Message Box

5. Shady Contacts

Shady ContactsStore all your important call logs and text messages in the Shady Contacts app. For strong security, set up a pattern of PIN to access hidden data. This app doesn’t appear in the launcher if you are using any launcher apps on your Android device. If any unknown user tries to open the lock, the data stored inside will be destroyed automatically.

Download Shady Contacts

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