HomePod Features: This Black and White Intelligent speaker Looks Beautiful

Finally, Apple also took the plunge and introduced HomePod, a digital voice assistant that is all set to challenge Amazon’s Echo and its siblings. Before WWDC 2017, gossip mills were busy whispering about HomePod; but now all lips are sealed as HomePod was announced in the developer event. Take a good look at the HomePod features and guess how it will be useful for you.

This intelligent speaker is packed with many wonderful features with one exception: it plays only Apple Music, and this is not good. And yes, it doesn’t have any screen to enjoy video chat. However, other features will make you forget the two minutes. So let’s explore Apple HomePod features.

HomePod Features

Apple HomePod Features

This speaker can easily impress you with its cylindrical shape. And if you are not impressed by its shape, the black and white color (as of now, it is available in two colors only) can leave you mesmerized. Its seven loudspeakers in the bottom give out a good sound; the four-inch woofer and six microphones at the top will turn your home into a dance floor.

The wake word for this HomePod is ‘Hey, Siri’. And when you say this, the speaker will light up at the top with waveform. You can ask all the questions you normally ask Siri on your iPhone and iPad.

Its A8 chip does all the wonders. The chip does automatic EQ and echo cancellation with beamforming for tweeters (loudspeakers). The truly intelligent speaker senses the size and shape of your room to give out the best sound. It is now a challenge for Apple to handle multi-room setups.

For your privacy, HomePod doesn’t send any data to Apple until you speak ‘Hey Siri’. Once you speak this wake word, it sends data via an anonymous encrypted Siri ID.

Apple is connecting this HomePod with iPod, iPhone, Apple Music, and AirPods; this clearly indicates that Apple wants to promote it as a home music speaker first. Apple Music integration is the top priority for the tech giant. Given its features, HomePod is declared as the perfect competitor of Amazon’s Echo devices and Google Home; however, Apple has to look at the price of its speaker. During the event, it was announced that the speaker will be shipped in December for $349.

For a family, this HomePod is the best friend as it can control all HomeKit devices by a wake word ‘OK, Bono’. Your kids would love to play around with this small companion and they can control the HomeKit devices without your iPhone or iPad. The HomePod is likely to be shipped in the US, UK, and Australia in December.

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