Is HomePod Not Responding? Six Solutions

Has your HomePod become unresponsive? Does HomePod fail to respond to your questions or commands? Have you made all attempts to find what prevents your Siri-enabled speaker from responding? Follow the solutions to fix the issue of HomePod not working.

There can be multiple causes that stop HomePod from responding. We have dealt with each in detail to get rid of the issue.

HomePod Not Responding

HomePod Not Responding: Six Solutions Listed Below

Is your HomePod turned on?

First off, you need to check that your HomePod is plugged into a power source. Next, tap on the top of HomePod, and if you see the volume controls or hear music, your HomePod is turned on. Alternatively, say “Hey Siri” and if Siri responds, your HomePod is turned on.

In case HomePod fails to respond, disconnect it from power and connect it back in.

Check Alerts in Home app

Home app in your iOS device will receive alerts if your HomePod cannot connect with your Wi-Fi network or it fails to access your Apple ID. To get more details on alerts, simply press and hold HomePod in the Home or Rooms tab.

Check Wi-fi Connection

When you carry your HomePod along with you to your office or any other place, its location gets changed. Upon this, Siri tells you that HomePod has an issue connecting to Wi-Fi when you speak “Hey Siri”. Similarly, Siri draws your attention when you have changed your Wi-Fi password recently.

When you are reconnecting your HomePod to a Wi-Fi network, you need to confirm that your iPhone or iPad is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Next, launch the Home app on your iOS device and put your device close to HomePod. Wait for a few seconds and ask a question to Siri to check if HomePod is connected with Wi-Fi.

Note that HomePod doesn’t connect with captive or subscription networks. In case you have set up your HomePod to use one of these networks, you have to reset HomePod set your speaker again on a different Wi-Fi network.

Captive networks are public-access networks available at business centers, airports, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and other locations that offer free Wi-fi hotspots for internet users.

Check “Hey Siri”

When your HomePod fails to respond to “Hey Siri” (even as it is connected to Wi-Fi network), you need to turn on and turn off your intelligent assistant from the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

Check this complete guide on Siri on Not Working HomePod.

Update Software of HomePod

Though HomePod is designed to update its software automatically, you can install software updates. And this can resolve the issue of HomePod not responding.

Reset HomePod

Before you go to Apple Support, take a last chance and reset your HomePod. We have explained two methods to reset your HomePod.

Seek Apple Support

When nothing works, you need to find your HomePod Serial number to fix an appointment with Apple Support. Make it fast and contact Apple Support as soon as possible.


I hope above solutions will troubleshoot the HomePod not working issue. Which one worked for you? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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