HomePod Setup Failed 301003 Error? Here is a Fix

So you have got your HomePod and you are all excited to explore so many things that you are bewildered by the options. Lo and behold, it begins to face errors! Users register that their HomePod setup fails and it shows ‘Setup Failed 301003’ error. You must be looking for some ways and means to fix the issue of HomePod setup failed 301003.

There is no official statement from Apple to solve this setup error occurring on HomePod. However, a few workarounds can help you solve this 301003 error on HomePod during setup.

HomePod Setup Failed 301003 Error

HomePod Setup Failed 301003 Error? How to Fix

The error can really disappoint any user as the product is relatively fresh in the market and that too from a brand like Apple. But these things happen; nobody is perfect. After all, HomePod is a smart device, and sometimes it may behave unintelligently.

Reset your HomePod

One of the quickest solutions is to reset your HomePod. After resetting your HomePod to factory default, the error should be removed. Check this guide to reset HomePod.

Restart your iPhone/iPad

Simple restart or reboot will also help, but this time, you have to restart your iOS device. We have created dedicated guides to restart different iOS devices.

Disconnect and Reconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Earlier, users were able to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features from the Control Center of their iOS device. However, with iOS 11, this game has changed. If you use Control Center to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPhone or iPad, the features will not be disabled completely. Follow this guide to completely disable Bluetooth and WiFi in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad.

Bonus Tip

If above methods fail to solve ‘setup failed 301003’ error on HomePod, you can follow one last solution.

Disconnect your HomePod from the power source and then turn off your iPhone or iPad. Wait until 30 seconds and then connect your HomePod with power socket and turn on your iOS device. ‘Enable Personal Requests’ will be turned off by default; however, you should not turn on this feature during the setup process.

That’s all friends! Hope our solutions yield some good results.

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