How to Activate Siri on HomePod

HomePod is one of the finest smart speakers available on the market. Though it came late (after Amazon’s Echo devices and Google Home), it is surely going to give a tough fight to its competitors. To make your HomePod experience easy, Apple has integrated Siri; by using Siri you can control music playback, set timers, reminders, ask for information and more. The six microphones inside the HomePod can quickly listen to your commands. This tutorial throws light on how HomePod works with Siri and how you can activate Siri on HomePod.

First off, you need to use Siri on HomePod to access the speaker more effectively. Note that you can turn on Siri through voice commands and by using touch surface. Once you enable Siri on HomePod, your job is done; you can use Siri commands to control your HomeKit enabled devices in your home and office.

How to Activate Siri on HomePod

How to Activate Siri on Apple HomePod

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How to Control HomePod with Siri

As mentioned above, you need to turn ON Siri on HomePod.

For this purpose, say “Hey, Siri (then your command)”.

How to Access Siri on HomePod with Touch Surface

Step #1: Touch and hold the touch surface on top of HomePod to activate Siri.

A waveform will appear on the LED touch surface of HomePod.

Step #2: Now you can speak your commands.

What would you like to listen to from your HomePod?

Your HomePod’s primary role is to perform as an excellent speaker, and therefore, Apple has taken great care to pack music-related commands of Siri, especially for Apple Music. When you are not sure about your choices, you can simply ask Siri to play something that can elevate your mood. So you can say, “Hey Siri, play something relaxing.” Or you can also ask Siri to play songs of a particular genre.

You can ask Siri on HomePod to mark songs you like or add songs to a specific playlist. Apple Music uses machine learning and begins to learn what you like; then you can speak commands like “Hey Siri, play something I like”.

How to Set Timer on HomePod using Siri

Is Siri your music DJ only? You can ask Siri to perform tasks as it would have performed on your iPhone or iPad. For example, you can ask “Hey Siri, how is the weather?” and you will get details of current weather conditions in your city. You may also ask Siri about traffic, sports updates, and news brief. Also, set reminders and timers, send messages, and get translations.

You can also use Siri on HomePod to interact with some third-party apps on your iPhone or iPad. The best advantage of using Siri on third-party apps is you can keep your iPhone or iPad in your pocket and still get your job done.

How to Control Smart Home Devices Using Siri

You can control your electronic and electrical devices like lights, microwave, TV, thermostats etc. using Siri on HomePod. Simply say, “Hey Siri, set the temperature to 55 degrees”.

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