How to Add Calculator in Quick Settings on Android Nougat Devices

Quick Settings Calculator app is not available in all countries. It is open for download in limited nations on Google Play Store. Of late, this app has largely been used by many Android users, who are running Nougat on their Nexus and Pixel phones. But what is so special about this Quick Settings Calculator app?

As the Android Nougat story goes, this latest OS has got some cool features to impress both developers and common users alike. This Quick Settings feature has particularly captured attention of many Android lovers. With this, you can quickly gain access to some features on your smartphone. This has inspired many users to customize this Quick Settings to add Calculator app. So let’s dig deeper and learn how to add Calculator in Quick Settings on Android Nougat.

How to Add Calculator in Quick Settings on Android Nougat

Whenever we talk about downloading an app, it goes without saying that we have to open Google Play Store.

Step #1: Search and download/install Quick Settings Calculator app. As mentioned earlier, the app is not available across the globe and some countries will have to deprive of this app.

Step #2: Once the installation process is over, this app will automatically add a calculator to the toggles of Quick Settings. Unlike other apps, this app doesn’t have many options to impress you; however, there are two options to disable the calculator shortcut or share the app so that you are not completely demoralized.

Step #3: Go to the Quick Settings now by bringing down notification shade and then tap ‘Edit’ option.

Step #4: Press and hold ‘QS Calc’ from the several options available to add. You will find these options at the bottom of your phone’s screen.

Step #5: Since the calculator is added now, you can simply tap on its icon in Quick Settings and start using the app in the notification shade itself. Isn’t it handy and quick?

Note that iOS users will surely appreciate this feature if they have migrated from iPhone to Google Pixel and Pixel XL. In iPhone and iPad, calculator app is just a swipe away. All they need to do is the swipe up the screen from the bottom of their devices and they can use calculator app from the Control Center. This workaround of accessing Calculator by creating Quick Settings shortcut is similar to iPhone’s Control Center.

Calculator app is a great help for consumers, who are into accounts and stock market business. For financial executives too, this Calculator shortcut will be a boon. Moreover, smartphones like Nexus and Google Pixel also provide scientific calculator for complex calculations. Students of science can now do some difficult calculations in a jiffy.

Android Nougat has countless such hidden features. We will keep exploring them one by one and share the useful information here. By the time, you can give us your valuable feedback in the comment section below. We also invite you to connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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