Complications on Apple Watch are some add-ons from third-party that smarten up your smartwatch experience. Complications also help you customize your watch and let you check some important thing quickly on the watch face. If you don’t want to keep all necessary info on the watch face, Complications can help you out with saving the info in apps. Many App Store apps can include Complications to use in their own style.

You can add and remove Complication options from the customize screen; and you can add watch face Complications through your Apple Watch and iPhone as well.

How to Add and Remove Complication Options from Customize Screen of Apple Watch

Third-party apps support complications in Apple Watch, and these Complications will appear by default in the list of options. You can get rid of some Complication options if you find the list more than necessary.

Step #1: Open Watch app on iPhone.

Step #2: Press on Complications seen under the My Watch tab.


Step #3: Next, tap on Edit from the top right corner of phone screen.

Step #4: Now tap the red button with minus icon (-) seen on the left; this icon is right before the app you want to delete from the list.

Step #5: Tap on Remove.

Step #6: Tap on Done from the top right corner of phone’s screen.

Later on, if you want to add any complication again, perform the above steps; however, make sure that you tap on plus icon seen before the app you want to include from the list of DO NOT INCLUDE.

How to Add Watch Face Complications Through Apple Watch

Complications can come handy when you are out for an adventure or a leisure trip. During your outings, you can customize complications for watch faces on Apple Watch.

Step #1: Bring up watch face on Apple Watch by pressing the Digital Crown.

Step #2: Invoke customization mode by pressing harder on the watch face.

Step #3: Next, choose a watch face.

Step #4: Tap on Customize.

Step #5: Now swipe from right to left to reach last customization option. It is your complications list.

Step #6: Tap on a complication location.

Step #7: Spin the Digital Crown with your finger and scroll all complications to choose one.

Step #8: Do the two steps above again for each complication location.

Step #9: Now press the Digital Crown to leave customization mode.

Step #10: Finally, tap on the watch face when finished.

How to Add Watch Face Complications Through iPhone

Adding watch face complications through iPhone is relatively easier and simpler as the process includes fewer steps to follow. Your iPhone should be running iOS 10 and your watch on watchOS 3.

Step #1: Open the Watch app on iPhone.

Step #2: Choose a watch face by swiping to the left or right.

Step #3: Tap on complication location you want to change.

Step #4: Browse the complications to choose one.

Step #5: Do the above two steps again for each complication location.

This will show the changes in the complications on the watch face of Apple Watch. If you have any query or suggestion, share it with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.



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