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Like Apple Watch, you can add complications to watch face on Android Wear 2.0. Complications are not just decorative pieces or embellishments on your Android Wear. They are added to your smartwatch to make your experience more convenient and useful.

Android Wear 2.0 offers you many innovative and cool features to your smartwatch. However, users particularly like an addition of customizable ‘complications’ on watch faces.

Google Play Store on Android Wear 2.0 has begun to offer newly updated watch faces and apps that boast complications; this means you can need to spend some time to customize things to enjoy some new features.

How to Add Complications to Watch Face on Android Wear 2.0

How to Add Complications to Watch Face on Android Wear 2.0

Step #1: Bring up edit mode by pressing and holding your watch face.

  • If your watch face supports complications, it will open into editor with some options.
  • If there is no editor, it means the watch face is not updated yet to support it.

Step #2: Scroll down and check Layouts; you can see several options for number and arrangement of complications.

Step #3: Choose your choice of layout and head back to editor.

Step #4: On your watch face, you will see blank spots with ‘+’ icons; you need to tap those buttons to add a complication to that spot.

Step #5: Browse the collection of complications to search one that you like; tap to choose one.

  • There are some apps that boast more than one complication; you can check all options when you tap them.

Step #6: Tap on other complication spots until your watch face is fully filled.

  • If you need to change the current complication, simply tap on that spot to head back to the picker.

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This is how you can personalize your watch face, which now looks beautiful and gorgeous. This method takes some time but it is worth spending a few minutes to transform a dull watch face into a colourful one. This newly designed watch face will entertain you for a long time until you make any changes as mentioned above.

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