How to Add Contacts on Home Screen in Android Smartphones

For quick access to your favourite contacts or people who are important in your life is a smart way of using your Android phone. Speed dial is an option but that was useful in feature phone, which you have long forgotten. In your smartphone, unlike the feature phone, you can not only access some chosen contacts quickly, you can also send message or start video calls.

If you think that I will ask you to download a third-party dialer app, you should control your flight of fancy. The solution is seated in your smartphone itself. All you need is to use a built-in widget from your Android smartphone to use Contact, Direct dial, and Direct message feature to your home screen.

This feature is quite helpful if you are leading a busy life. Just swipe your phone’s Home screen and you can see the contacts with whom you need to talk frequently in a day. This obviously saves a lot of your time that you might have wasted on searching the contact. Some users may argue that saving important contacts in Favourite can fulfil the purpose. Agreed, that it is a good option but remember that you need to tap on Phone app or Contacts app on your Android smartphone.

How to Add Contacts to Android Home Screen

How to Add Contacts to Android Home Screen

Step #1: Tap on the Apps option from the Home screen of your Android smartphone.

Tap on Apps

Step #2: Now tap on Widgets button.

Tap on Widgets

Note that Widgets may be seated at different locations in various Android phones. Crux of the matter is that you should open Widgets on your Android phone.

Step #3: Once your Widgets option is opened, you need to find three Widgets: Contact 1×1, Direct Dial 1×1 and Direct Message 1×1.

Find three Widgets Contact 1x1, Direct Dial 1x1 and Direct Message 1x1.

There is some difference between the three widgets. First, Contact 1×1 widget will let you access your favourite or important contacts from the Home screen; second, Direct Dial 1×1 will dial the contact you have chosen; and Direct Message 1×1 will open the contact in Message app so that you can send message directly.

Step #4: Now press and hold the first Contact 1×1 widget, and move it to your Android phone’s Home screen.

Step #5: Next, you will be immediately asked to add contact.

Step #6: Select your favourite or important contact and the same will be shown on your phone’s Home screen.

Contact Seen on Android Home Screen

Now, you can follow the same method to use Direct Dial 1×1 and Direct Message 1×1 widgets to quickly dial phone and send message to your important contacts.

Note that if you select any contact for Direct Dial, you can directly dial the person. Even if you tap by mistake, your phone will dial the contact. To save from this situation or to prevent such erroneous dialing, you can use Call Confirm app.

Direct Message widget will enable you to send messages to the contacts you have created shortcut for.

This information is quite practical for all users as they must have some important or valuable people in their life. Use the widgets and share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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