How to Add GIFs to Android Phone’s Home Screen

GIFs are extended version of emojis or emoticons; people like to play with GIFs as they convey a message in a smarter and wittier way.

Normally, GIFs are listed in an article or on social media to lampoon the current political or social events. But now this GIF is used by users to create their own caricature or portrait.

In this information, we will tell you how you can add GIF to your Android phone’s home screen. With the help of ‘GIFWidget’, any Android user can add GIF to his/her phone’s home screen.

Want to try this on your Android smartphone? Go ahead and follow a few easy steps. Note that there are two GIFWidget versions – a paid and a free.

To begin with, you can download free GIFWidget and start off.

How to Add GIFs to Android Phone Home Screen


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Step #1: First, you need to download and install GIFWidget on your Android device. You will find GIFWidget app on Google Play Store by clicking here.

Install GIF Widget

Step #2: Once the GIFWidget is installed on your device, long press the blank section of your phone’s home screen; this will bring up Page Settings.

Step #3: You will notice an option of ‘Widgets’ on your Android smartphone. If you have downloaded Android launcher app, you may find the screen a bit changed.

Step #4: Now locate GIFWidget in the drawer by scrolling the home screen of your Android phone.

Step #5: Tap and hold or long press the GIFWidget icon.

You will find three options: Search device OR Search Giphy OR Use existing. Search device will find GIFs on your device; and Search Giphy will find free GIFs on Giphy.

Configure Gif Widget

Step #6: Tap on Search GIF and choose your favourite GIF from the list.

Browse GiF

Step #7: Once you have selected a GIF, you can do some image settings, i.e. set GIF to low, medium, high or source quality. And then tap on ‘Create’ to add the GIF to your Android device home screen.

Tap on Create

Fix the size of your GIF by pinch out or pinch in the dots given at the borders of a selected GIF.


Point to Ponder

Remember that the widget offers you an option to create small GIF of 1×1 or large one to cover half of your Android phone screen. Choose the size according to the space you have on Android phone’s screen.

If you wish to delete the GIF, just tap and hold your finger for a few seconds on the GIF and drag it to the Remove icon appeared on the screen. It is simple!

Tap on Remove to Delete Gif from Home Screen

Google Play Store offers quite an impressive lot of apps and widgets to spice up your Android experience. You need to explore it to the full and make the most of the free apps and widgets.

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