Your Google Home is a real smart speaker as it recognizes different voices. And this very feature allows you to add multiple users to Google Home. Moreover, this multi-user feature also helps you personalize a single Google Home. You can create and manage your shopping lists, play music, and follow news of your choice. But before everything, you need to add multiple user accounts to Google Home.

By default, you can add six user accounts on one Google Home device. At present multi-user support is available in the US, UK, and Canada. Users belong to other countries will have to wait to set up Google Home for multiple users. Now, go ahead and add multiple accounts to your Google Home.

How to Add Multiple User Accounts to Google Home

How to Setup Multiple Accounts on Google Home and Google Home Mini

First of all, you need to make sure that your Google Home device and your Phone or tablet is connected to same wifi network.

Add Multiple User Accounts on Google Home

Step #1: Open Google home app on your device.

Step #2: Tap on Menu from the top left corner

Step #3: Tap on Manage Accounts.

Step #4: Tap on Add User Accounts.

Step #5: Enter Login ID details to Sign in.

Step #6: Switch to new user account you want to add

Step #7: Tap on device icon from the top right corner.

Step #8: Here you will find “Multi-user account is available”, tap on the link your Account.

Step #9: Now, tap on continue.

Step #10: Next, train Google Home by speaking “OK Google” or the Command displayed on the screen.

Step #11: Finally, tap on continue and then tap on No thanks.

How to Remove User Account from Google Home

Step #1: Launch Google Home App on your iOS or Android device.

Step #2: Tap on devices option on the App home screen.

Step #3: Tap on Menu from the top right corner.

Step #4: Now, tap on Settings and then tap on Linked Accounts

Step #5: Next, tap on X mark icon next to your Google account.

Here you will get a popup message asking you to unlink the account.

Step #6: At last, tap on Unlink to confirm your action.

That’s all folks!

You have done it successfully. If you have got more than one Google Home devices, you can set up multiple accounts.

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