Google is constantly improving its Maps app for the last couple of months. And one of the useful improvements is its ability to add multiple destinations in Google Maps on iPhone and Android. In a day, you have to do many tasks outdoors; at this, you can use this feature to measure the time your trip might take and if there is any delay on the way.

By using this feature, you can add up to nine stops location in Google Maps; you can also rearrange the stops to quickly perform the tasks by checking the route.

How to Add Multiple Destinations in Google Maps

How to Add Multiple Destinations in Google Maps on iPhone and Android

Step #1: Launch Google Maps app from app drawer or Home screen of your device.

Step #2: Tap on the blue Directions icon seen in the bottom right corner.

Tap on the blue Directions

Step #3: Next, tap on Choose destination option.

Tap on Choose destination

Step #4: Now type in your choice of destination in the text field.

Step #5: Optionally, you can put a pin on the map with Choose on map option.

Step #6: Maps app will use your current location as starting point; you can always edit by selecting Your location field.

Step #7: Once you enter the destination, tap on three vertical dots (action overflow icon) seen at the upper right corner.

Tap on three vertical dots

Step #8: Choose Add stop.

Choose Add stop

Step #9: You will get to see a new line with Add stop in trip list. Moreover, you can also see an estimated time your trip might take. Enter your second destination there.

Enter your Second Destination

Step #10: The moment you add the second destination, a new line will be automatically added below; you can add another stop there.

Step #11: You can reorganize stops by dragging the Hamburger button (three horizontal lines) before location names.

Step #12: If you need to remove destination, tap on X icon next to location names.

Tap on X

Step #13: Once you are done with all stops, tap on Done to start.

Tap on done

Step #14: This will show you an outline of your trip; you can also see all the stops and overall time.

Step #15: Now tap on Start button from the bottom right corner to start steering to first stop.

Step #16: You can delete a destination once you are there; all you need to do is swipe up the turn-by-turn directions panel from the bottom of your phone screen and edit the list of stops.

This feature allows you to add multiple locations in Google Maps. People would love to explore this feature as they can finish multiple household chores. This facility is a great help for delivery persons who has to deliver many parcels in a day. While you are achieving your destinations, you need to control the speed of your vehicles. You can do this by adding speed limit alerts to Google Maps on Android phone.

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