Sharing posts daily have now become a cliche for many of us. We stick to these social sites all day long, sharing our joyous moments and feeling happy seeing people responding to it. One such great social media platform is Instagram, a huge hub for sharing photos and videos. It works as the remedy for spare time where we just keep scrolling through countless photos and videos and couldn’t stop admiring them. We wish we could add background music to Instagram videos!

Sometimes, we also feel like making such videos and uploading it and see how well they merge amongst Instagram users. The biggest problem which arises in such process is with superimposing an audio. A good video often comprises of a matching theme of sound. Even if you find one, there you are stuck again figuring out how to add it to the video. Well, here is the remedy to put music on videos.

How to Add Music to Instagram Videos from iPhone and Android

The process of adding audio into the video involves a third party app. It is just an app which only performs the task of creating Instagram video with music. This comes in handy for people who upload videos daily and rejoice as the audience reacts to it. There are no other functions included in it to keep the app simple. It is handy to operate from your phone. Otherwise, there are lot more apps to give your audio-visual media a professional. Let’s get started…

Step #1: Download the app “Quik” by GoPro on your Android or iOS Phone.

Follow the on-screen steps to start using app.

Step #2: Once the app is installed, tap on “+” to start with the procedure.

Step #3: From the displayed gallery, choose the at least media content you want to add music to.

Step #4: Then enter an intro title. Enter any title or skip this step.

Step #5: On the next page, you will see the chosen video. Below the video, there will be cards of various colors, each consisting of different music. An audio clip will already remain equipped with the video. You can choose any one you like among the cards.

Step #6: Scroll through the cards and tap on the music you would like to add.

Step #7: If you are not happy with the provided clips, tap on the “Tone” icon from the bottom panel and select the option “More Music”.

Step #8: On the next page, there will be two sections, “FEATURED” and “MY MUSIC”. Select the second section if you want to choose your own track. Otherwise stay on the default page and go through what they offer to put in sync with your video.

Step #8: After selection of the music, it is time to appoint the starting and ending point of the audio. Tap on the “MUSIC START” button to start playing it.

Step #9: Use the slider to appoint the starting and ending point.

Step #10: Tap on the green bar at the bottom to save it.

The process is now complete. It is a useful app for those who upload on a regular basis their videos on Instagram. The function that the app recognizes your video and suggests audio clip is impressive. This is all that the app has to offer which is sufficient for adding music to Instagram videos. If you want to fancy your video in a more professional way, it is better to get the work done from your PC. Have fun with this app and viewers won’t stop double tapping on your posts.

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