How to Add Music Visualizer to Navigation Bar on Android Smartphone

Music is the soul of our life. To entertain our stressed nerves, music is the perfect healer. Today, every smartphone boasts awesome music app with which, users can play their favourite songs. But of all those users, very few can use music visualizer on their devices. Android devices have carved a niche though. Unarguably the most popular mobile operating system, Android gives users a workaround to add music visualizer to navigation bar on Android phones.

There is a popular custom ROM CyanogenMod available for many Android users; but this ROM has got very few takers. And therefore, developer Sergio Sanchez developed Xposed Framework that can help you add music visualizer to nav bar on your Android smartphone.

Before you go ahead with this guide, make sure that your Android phone should be running Lollipop or later versions of Android; you need to install Xposed Framework and should enable Unknown sources on your smartphone. And last but not the least, your Android device should be rooted.

How to Add Music Visualizer on Navigation Bar in Android Phone

Note that you can enable Unknown resources by tapping Settings → Security or Lock screen and security and then toggle Unknown sources ON.

Step #1: You have already installed Xposed Framework; now go to the download division of the framework and hunt for NavBar music visualizer. Next, tap on top results and swipe on the Versions tab and then click Download, which is beside the most recent entry. This will fire up Android installer interface. Now you need to tap on Install button.

Upon the completion of this, Xposed Framework informs you that module is not activated and your device needs to be rebooted. Don’t forget to activate and reboot your smartphone.

Step #2: After rebooting your device, you need to launch NavBar music visualizer app that is seated in your app drawer. Please note that there can be a little change in the interface up next; however, you can swipe left or right to change various menus.

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You can adjust the default settings of the module; however, experts recommend to change ‘Current mode available on Dynamic color tab; adjust it to ‘Dynamic. Album art’. This will synchronize your music visualizer to the album you are listening to right now.

Once it is done, tap on the tick mark at the bottom of your phone’s screen to save your changes. Note that you should jump to the next song to see the changes you have made, if the music is being played on your device.

Now you can play your favourite music to experience new feature. This Xposed Framework is compatible with almost all music players.

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