Facebook developer team has been working overtime to roll out excellent features one after another. In the last couple of months, Facebook introduced integration of Instant Articles in Facebook profile and configuration of Adsense in Instant Articles. Both the features are now widely accepted by common users as well as social media marketing professionals.

The social media platform has now come up with yet another unique feature. This time, it is a boon for people who want to do business on Facebook. Now, Facebook users can add a shop section to your Facebook page. We provide you a complete guide with necessary steps to follow.

Before you go ahead, note that not all profiles have this facility of adding a shop section to their Facebook pages. Currently, this facility is given randomly to Facebook users. If you are lucky, you will see that “+ Add Shop Section” button under your Facebook profile photo, next to other buttons like About, Photos, Likes, and More.

How to Add Shop Section to Facebook Page

How to Add Shop Tab to Your Facebook Page

Step #1: Click on Add Shop Section below the cover photo.

Add Shop

Next, you will be asked to perform several actions and it will also explain you more about the section. Click Add Shop Section to go ahead.

Add Shop Section

Step #2: Set up Currency

Select Currency

Another dialog box will appear on the screen; this will ask you to select currency you want to use. From the drop-down menu, you can select any currency.

Step #3: Merchant Terms & Conditions

Setup your Shop Section

You should not miss this; just go through the all terms & conditions before you set up your shop. These terms and conditions include information about what you can put up on your shop, how you can deal with problems during the “test phase”, policies on product return and money refund and other information.

Step #4: Business and Payment Processing Information

Finish Setting up your shop

Here, you are required to fill up your business details and set up payment processing with Stripe. If you are already using Stripe, you need to log in your account first and then click the link to connect an existing Stripe account. In the absence of Stripe account, you should set up Stripe account and then go ahead with the following. Don’t forget to insert your business email and business address here. Also see that Create Call to Action button is now changed to Shop Now Button.

Step #5: What you sell…

Add Summary of your Shop

You have 200 characters to describe what products you are selling on Facebook Shop Section.

Step #6: Start adding products

Add Products to your Shop

Now click the Add Products button to upload products. This will take some time as you need to insert some other details related to products. Some of the common fields are: Name, Price, Description, Inventory, Product Category, Variants, Visibility etc.

Add Products Details

While uploading image, you need to follow some guidelines set by Facebook. For product description, ensure that description should be related to product only; reader should easily be able to understand your product. This requires use of short and simple sentences; bullet points are appreciated. Care should be taken that you don’t insert HTML content, phone numbers, email ids, long titles, too many punctuations, all letters capitalized or in lowercase, book or movie description, or external links.

Facebook has also charted out some guidelines for product variants. In case you are selling apparels, you need to mention product variants in clear words, avoiding abbreviations. For example, to mention size of T-shirts or shirts, you should use “Large” and not “L”. There is an Advanced Options tab also; this lets you set custom tax percentages.

Add Product Tax Information

As of now, your shop is exposed only to customers in the United States and Facebook automatically calculates taxes according to locations. Once every product is uploaded, your online shop will look like this:

A look of Featured Products

Note that your products won’t be seen by public immediately as Facebook team will review the products (just to ensure that you have followed the guidelines). Once your products are approved, your product will look like this:

Message to seller

Facebook has maintained a strict shipping and return policy that is favourable to customers. As a shopper, you have to ship products within five business days and customers can return your products within 45 days. This policy is cannot be changed.

If you a non-US resident and doing business in other country, your potential customer can contact you through a message.

When customer clicks on the product from your shop, a product window will appear on his/her screen.

Click on Message to Inquiry to Product

When s/he clicks on Send button, you (shop owner) will get the details of customers, and you can contact him/her for further transaction.

Send Message to Seller

Once s/he clicks on the Message button, another small window will appear. It says: Hello, I am interested in (Product Name).

Step #7: Create Collections

Got variety of products? No worries, Facebook has got a solution. You can create collections to sort out your products. You can see this option under your products.

Facebook Add Collection

Click on the Add Collection button and you will be landed on Shop section in your Publishing Tools; there you will see a Featured Products collection already in place. Now you can add your best products.

Add Products from Publishing Tools

Click on the Collection to upload products to the Featured Products collection; now click on the Add Products button. You can then choose products to upload to your collection and finally click on Add.

The products you have uploaded first in Featured Products collection will be showcased above your timeline on Facebook page. These products will also be displayed first in your shop as per the sequence you have maintained in your Featured Products collection.

Note that people who visit your shop also enjoy the option to subscribe to get notifications when you upload new products.

Subscribe to get notification

Step #8: Your Shop’s Settings

You can access settings of your shop by clicking on shop’s link from your page menu. Then click on the settings icon (cog wheel) to get the following options:

The drop-down menu has other options like Copy direct link, Manage Shop, Settings, Help, and Delete Shop.

Second option is Manage Shop, which takes you to Publishing Tools; you can get a new section for your shop. In this new section, you can easily upload products and product collections to group your products.

The Settings option shows main settings of your shop, from where you can edit your email address, business address and Stripe account details.

You can take Help and follow FAQ of Shop Section; get more knowledge and information about setting up your own shop.

Step #9: Managing Your Orders

You will get a notification upon receiving your first order; you Publishing Tools allow you to review and manage your pending and completed orders.

Message Received After your First Order

For better management, you need to keep an eye on pending orders, buyer’s preferences for shipping and addresses. For this, you will see a list of pending orders. Click on an individual order to check extra details. You can ring up buyer to seek additional information when the order shows pending or completed status.

It is compulsory to ship order before Stripe will process your payment. Click the Mark as Shipped button once you click on the order; now type in tracking id. After this process, customer’s payment will be processed through Stripe. The order will be shown in pending and your inventory will be updated accordingly.

If you still have any doubts or questions, you can always get in touch with Facebook Support from Facebook Advertiser and Business Support page through live chat or email.

How to delete product/s from Shop

If any product is out of stock or you just don’t want to sell that product or more than one products, you can delete those products from your shop.

Step #1. Click on Shop Section from your page

Click on Shop Section

Step #2. Scroll down to All products section and Select the product which you want to delete.

Step #3. Click on Edit button seen below the product you want to delete.

Step #4. A window will open and you can edit the product name, price, and description. At the bottom left corner, you will notice Delete product button.

Delete Product from Shop

Step #5. Click on the button and your product will be deleted

How to Delete Entire Shop Section From your Facebook Page

For any reason, you have decided to delete entire shop section on your Facebook page. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Step #1. Click on Shop section on your Facebook page.

Step #2. Now click on Settings button next to Share shop option.

Delete Shop Section from Facebook Page

From the drop-down menu, click on Delete Shop.

This will delete your entire shop from the page.

How to Share Your Shop Section On Your Page to that Page’s Timeline

Mere adding product will not help boost your business; you need to show your products to people, who have liked your page. And therefore, you should share products from the shop section on your Page to the same page’s Timeline.

Step #1. Click on the Shop section on your page.

Step #2. Click on the image of product (do not click on Edit or Boost button).

Step #3. At the bottom of product image, click on Share button.

Step #4. A small window will open with necessary options to share product.

First, you can say something about the product; it is recommended that you write something about the product – like you want to sell this product or you have made some changes to this product and other things.

Step #5. Now, click on first drop-down menu, i.e. Share on a Page you manage. From this menu, you can choose any page managed by you.

Below this, there is another drop-down menu, which includes Page or Pages with the shop the product is from.

Step #6. Choose your posting identity from a drop-down menu Posting as.

Finally, click on Post button to share the product.

How to Get Insights About the shop section on your Page?

To get Insights about your shop section, follow the two easy steps. Insights will tell you about product visibility, views, and message sends.

Step #1. Click on the Publishing Tools from the top menu, which includes options like Page, Messages, Notifications, Insights etc.

Step #2. From the left navigation panel, scroll down to Shop button and click on it.

You will notice Insights related to your products in a tabular format.


Facebook Shop Section is a great addition helpful for small shop owners; this set-up easily removes the complexities of purchasing separate domain, designing and developing a website and maintaining the same.

Do you think that this will gain traction in future? Will more people create shop here? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


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