How to Add Signature to All Outgoing Text Messages on Android Phone

Android operating system is a treasure trove of excellent features. Keep exploring your smartphones and you will be surprised by smart features one after another. For serious users of Android phones, communication is their priority. And when it comes to sending or receiving messages, they ensure that they can personalize their text messages by adding signature.

By adding signature to text messages on Android phone, you create a sort of uniqueness in conversation – whether it is a friendly or professional one.

If you haven’t configured your signature to be sent through your text messages, you should read this information.

Before you go ahead, note that the feature is available on a few Android phones; if your phone doesn’t have this feature, don’t get disappointed; you can buy one in future.

Also remember that adding signature can also add a few characters to the message, which can be counted by your mobile operator as another message. And you need to pay more at the end of the month.

How to Add Signature to All Outgoing Text Messages on Android Smartphone

Thankfully, users are not required to download any third-party apps to add signature to text messages on Android Phone. This feature can be used by making a few changes in your phone’s settings.

Step #1: Launch message app on your Android smartphone.

Step #2: Tap the three vertical dots seen at the bottom right corner of your phone screen.

A menu will swipe up with a few options.

Step #3: You need to tap Settings from the options.

Tap on Settings

Step #4: Under the section of SIGNATURE, you can see ‘Add signature’ option with a check box; tap on that check box to enable this feature.

Check Add Signature Box

Step #5: Tap Signature Text, which is right under ‘Add signature’ option.

Tap on Signature Text

Step #6: Type in your custom signature in a box that appears on your phone’s screen. Tap on OK button.

Add Custom Signature and Tap on OK

While writing your signature, note that you should not choose any special character as such characters may not get displayed on others’ phones.

It is done! Now you can send a text messages to your friends and colleagues with your personalized signature.

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