[Full Guide] How to Adjust the Daily Calorie Goal for Apple Watch

We recently talked about the innovative “Fall Detection” feature on Apple Watches and how to enable it. However, there are many other cool features that Apple Watches offer and the Activity app is the perfect example of that. The app can be used to track fitness progress and help users achieve their goals, especially with the calorie goal feature.

Talking about the calorie goals, there are many people who get over enthusiastic when setting it up for the first time and they end up regretting having to run a 5K every morning in order to reach the goal. Fortunately, you can adjust the calorie goal.

How to Adjust the Daily Calorie Goal for Apple Watch

Follow the steps below to adjust the daily calorie goal for your Apple Watch:

  • Access the Activity app on your Apple Watch;
  • Head over to the Change Goals option by swiping down;

  • Adjust the “Move Goal” by using the plus and minus buttons or by rotating the Digital Crown;
  • Select Next;
  • You can also check the Stand Goal if you wish. After you finish, you can select Ok.

How to Choose the Right Calorie Goal

Right from the start, we want to mention that there isn’t an exact formula that takes in your weight, age and other information to give you the best calorie goal. This is something that you will have to figure out yourself by trial and error. On average, most people burn around 1,600 calories per day.

The number goes higher if day includes a good workout. Our advice is to track how many calories you burn regularly for a week and adjust your goal according to that. The best thing that you can do when using the Activity app to lose weight or get fitter is to maintain streaks.

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