You can backup your iPhone or iPad with iTunes or iCloud. But what if you wish to backup Mac? Normally, a Mac asks you to select a backup disk when you connect an external hard disk with your Mac. However, it is not necessary as many Mac users raised complaints that Time Machine fails to ask to select a backup disk. With the right use of Time Machine, you can solve the backup issue on your Mac. Read this tutorial carefully and you will be able to backup and Restore Mac with Time Machine.

It goes without saying that to backup Mac with Time Machine, you need an external hard disk. Time Machine a default back-up feature of Mac; you need to first setup Time Machine and then you will be able to take backup.

How to Back up Mac with Time Machine

How to Backup and Restore Mac with Time Machine

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Before you backup your Mac, you need to set up Time Machine.

4. How to Use Time Machine to Backup Mac

Once Time Machine is set up, it starts taking hourly backups for the last 24 hours; daily backups for the last month; and weekly backups for all previous months. Note that your oldest backup will be removed when your external drive is full.

Step #1: Select Back Up Now from the Time Machine menu.

Step #2: Launch Time Machine preferences and then deselect Backup Automatically (macOS Sierra) or turn off Time Machine (OS X El Capitan or previous version). This will stop automatic backup. IF you wish to go for manual backup, select Back Up Now from the Time Machine Menu.

Step #3: In the middle of the process, you can also cancel a backup. Simply select Skip This Backup or Stop Backing Up from the Time Machine menu.

Step #4: Use Time Machine menu to see the Backup Status. Time Machine icon shows different status: when Time Machine is backing up, the icon is like “__”; it is idle until the next automatic backup “__”; and if Time Machine is unable to finish the backup, it shows “__”.

Step #5: You can eliminate some items from the backup; for this, launch Time Machine preferences from its Menu. Next, click Options and then click + and choose the item to eliminate.

Remember: Time taken by Backup depends on the number of files you have on your Mac. While Time Machine is taking backup, you can use your Mac. All your future backups will be faster as Time Machine backs up only those files that changed since your previous backup.


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