Notes app on your iPhone normally sits peacefully on the home screen until you have to save something important. You can store links and other contents (mostly text) in Notes app. This app helps people jot down things that can be used later. Apple gives you comfort of saving your Notes over cloud on Gmail, Google Drive or iCloud, and you can download or retrieve whenever you need your notes. But before this, you need to learn how to transfer notes from iPhone to PC and Mac or MacBook Pro/Air

Saving your notes locally has its own disadvantage as your notes may get deleted. Moreover, when you upgrade your iPhone, you may lose your saved notes. To avoid any such loss, you can take a backup of your important notes on Mac or Windows computers. You need a lightning cable and follow the steps given below to transfer Notes from iPhone 6/6s Plus or iPhone 7/7 Plus to Windows PC and Mac or MacBook Pro/Air.

How to Backup iPhone Notes on Windows PC and Mac with Ease

How to Transfer Notes from iPhone to PC and Mac or MacBook Pro/Air

Step 1: First off, install Internet Explorer on your system. If you don’t have it then you can easily download online.

Step 2: Once you have it installed, get your iPhone connected to your system (PC) through a USB cable. As you do it, the sync process will happen within just a few moments.

Step 3: Now select Data Tab and launch Notes app as you are looking to take a backup of your notes.

Step 4: Prior to syncing of your Note begins, you will be asked whether you want to back up your complete iPhone. Just skip this.

Step 5: After the sync of your Notes is over you need to select from one of the two options that appear “Export to TXT” or “Export to PDF”. Click on your desired choice.

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