Android operating system has always offered ease of operating smartphones, which run Android. Taking backup has always been a serious matter for all Android users, and this is where Android phone has an edge over iOS devices. Whether you want to recover deleted photos or need to recover deleted text messages, Android has multiple answers.

Text messages are your valuable data you never wanted to lose. Today, users are doing more serious communication unlike yester years, when text messages were exchanged for fun.

In our earlier post, we discussed that you can transfer text messages from one Android phone to another. In this simpler solution, you will be able to backup text messages to Gmail account. With the help of SMS Backup +, you can easily save android messages to Gmail account.

Every Android user must have a Gmail account, and if you are new to Android, create a Gmail account now.

How To Backup Android Text Messages To Gmail Account

Saving your messages to Gmail makes sense as your Gmail account provides you with a facility to search content. You can always search your messages in future, if you need any.

To back up your messages, you need your Android phone, a Gmail account and SMS Backup + app from Google Play Store.

Step #1: You need to give IMAP access of your Gmail account to SMS Backup +.

Quickly log in to your Gmail account → Click on Settings → Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP and check Enable IMAP radio button. If it is already enabled, no worries; otherwise, enable it and click on Save Changes button.

Login to Gmail and unable Imap

Step #2: Now download and install SMS Backup + on your Android phone. Once you download it, configure SMS Backup +.

Step #3: Next, you need to connect your Gmail account with the app. Tap on ‘Connect’ and this will open Account Picker on your Android phone; if you have synced more than one Gmail account on your device, choose the one you regularly use.

Tap on Connect

Step #4: Select your account and give necessary permissions asked by the app. Next, app will ask to backup or skip all messages currently stored on this device.

Tap on Allow to Provide App Permision

Step #5: Needless to say that you should click on ‘Backup’ button. After all these efforts, it is unwise to click on ‘Skip’; if you click on ‘Skip’, all your messages will be ignored as declared as already backed up.

Tap on Backup

Now the app will test your patience if you have stored many messages on your Android device as it may take from a minute to half an hour or maybe longer to finish backup.

Step #6: While the process is on, you can go back to your Gmail account from any web browser and check that new label “SMS”. Click on this new label.

Step #7: SMS Backup + will automatically backup all your messages and MMS too. Apart from SMS & MMS, this app also backs up pictures you have sent and received on your Android device.

Backup Process Going on

This is done! Now you can follow the above steps regularly to backup your text messages to your Gmail account.

The app also offers an advanced option to take automatic backup of your messages. From the main screen of the app, you need to tap on Auto Backup to turn it on; next, tap on Auto backup settings to organize the backup occurrences.

Tap on AutoBackup

Once you have configured automatic backup, head back to the main screen and go to Advanced Settings. Here, you can modify the settings for backing up, restoring, and notifications. Note that you may turn off MMS backup to save your mobile data; moreover, you can make a list of contacts you want backed up. This will certainly save your time and data.

Backup Settings

The app is extremely customized as it allows you to restore only those threads, which are important to you. On Restore settings screen, you can select the box of Starred items to restore only the starred items.

Now all your messages including MMS are backed up in Gmail. This app, I think, is better than transferring your text messages from old Android phone to your new device.

Please note that you can backup Android phone to Google Drive but this feature may not help you take backup of your text messages.

Which app do you use to backup of text messages to Gmail Account? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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