Once you start using your Apple Watch after pairing Apple Watch with your iPhone, the next question that pops up in your mind is how I can backup my Apple Watch.

Not to worry; there are thousands of Apple Watch users, who have similar questions in their minds. Interestingly, your Apple Watch backup is done when you pair Apple Watch with new iPhone. Moreover, here we have uploaded necessary information on how to backup your Apple Watch.

How to Backup your Apple Watch

How to Backup Apple Watch 1, Series 2, and Series 3

How frequently Does your iPhone Back up Apple Watch?

Since Apple Watch backup process done automatically on iPhone (when the watch is paired with iPhone), we believe the process is just like services similar to iCloud Photo Library; however, theoretically, the smartwatch is supposed to use a Bluetooth handshake to transfer information to an iPhone. And if it fails to achieve a robust Bluetooth connection, this backup process happens via Wi-Fi.

Does Backup stay on iPhone? What if I lose it?

Your Apple Watch backup stays on the connected iPhone; in case you backup your iOS device to iCloud or iTunes, the watch data will be stored along with iPhone backup. This means, you need to take back up of your iPhone at regular intervals and this habit will keep your Apple Watch backup in good shape.

Can I transfer My Watch Backup to another iPhone?

You can send watch back to another iPhone only if the new iPhone is restored from the old iPhone’s backup; or else, you need to set up your Apple Watch as a new device with the new iPhone.

What does the Apple Watch Backup include?

  1. Data specific to apps and settings; for instance, Maps, distance, and units and settings for Mail, Calendar, Stocks and weather.
  2. App layout on Home screen.
  3. Settings of Clock face; this will consist of current watch face, customizations and order.
  4. Settings of Dock with order and available apps.
  5. General system settings like watch face, brightness, sound and haptic settings.
  6. Data on health and fitness; this data will include history, achievements, workout and activity calibration data from Apple Watch (note that users have to use iCloud or an encrypted iTunes backup to backup health and fitness data).
  7. Settings of Notification.
  8. Playlists synced with Apple Watch.
  9. Synced photo albums (you can check synced photo albums by opening Apple Watch app → My Watch → Photos → Synced Album).
  10. Time Zone

What your Backup Doesn’t include

  • Bluetooth pairings
  • Details of credit cards/debit cards for Apple Pay on Apple Watch
  • Password/passcode for Apple Watch

In case you need to unpair and re-pair Apple Watch, you must store your local music back on the device, enter Apple Pay cards again, and configure passcode once again.

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Point to Ponder

Many users worry about a situation when their Apple Watch has not backed up and then need to unpair the watch. Here, you should not run amok; as far as your iPhone is in range, the backup will be done upon unpairing Apple Watch from iPhone.

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