How to Block Spammy Skype Requests on Android Phone

Spam is something that pesters every person using all tools of communication. Earlier only email users had to face this trouble; but slowly and gradually, spammers have expanded their demonic activities and began to deluge inboxes of users. Every messaging app is now flooded with spam messages, and this includes Skype too.

Skype is one of the popular messaging and video chat apps; it has been used by millions of users before Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, WhatsApp and other such messaging apps came into existence. Even as Skype boasts countless useful features, Microsoft has failed to insert a feature to block friends’ requests from people not in your contacts. This gives free access to all spammers and bots to send unwanted notifications in the form of friend’s requests.

Thankfully, developer Mathias Nordskog has developed a new Xposed module to thwart such spam messages on your Skype running on Android device. Once you install this module, it will automatically block friend’s requests from unknown senders. This new module ensures that you are not bothered by any spammer on Skype again.

There are some requirements you need to fulfil on your Android device.

First, it should be a rooted Android phone; second, you need to install Xposed Framework and finally, make sure that ‘Unknown sources’ option is enabled on your Android phone.

How to Block Spam or Fake Contacts Requests on Skype in Android Phone

You can enable Unknown sources on Android phone from Settings → Security or Lock screen and security and then turn Unknown sources ON.

If you have already added music visualizer to navigation bar on your Android device, you must have installed Xposed Framework.

Step #1: Now that you have installed Xposed Framework, go to the Download section and look for SkypeAutoblock.

Step #2: Next, swipe on Versions tab and then tap on ‘Download’ button you can see in the most recent entry.

After a few seconds, you will be asked to install module and you need to tap on ‘Install’.

Step #3: Once the module is installed, don’t forget to activate the module and reboot your Android device; this action will confirm your task.

Once your phone is rebooted, you don’t need any more set-up. Henceforth, all friends’ requests will be blocked in Skype on your Android phone and they are denied by default. You will not see any spam or bot messages in future. The better part of this feature is that the auto-deny feature works on other devices like PC or Mac on which you have installed Skype; this means, you cannot see such spam messages on other devices as well.

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On the flip side, you won’t be able to add any genuine contact in your Skype messenger app because you cannot receive the contact request notification even if it is a valid one. It is better to start the request procedure from your end; or you can disable this module for a time being so that genuine contacts can send you a contact request.

If you wish to disable this module, go to the Modules section on Xposed Installer app and uncheck the box beside SkypeAutoblock and then reboot your Android phone. After adding the contact, don’t forget to check that box again and reboot your device to block spammy requests in future.

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