How to Block Websites in Safari on Mac in macOS High Sierra

If your kids are using your Mac for watching movies on YouTube or any other platform, parental control software is a must for you.

Alternatively, you can prevent them from watching explicit contents by setting up some restrictions on Safari browser. This tutorial deals with three different methods to block websites in Safari on macOS High Sierra.

You can also block particular websites/URL access on Sierra, Yosemite, El Capitan and other operating systems on Mac. The three methods include blocking certain websites on Safari, using a parental lock, and lock through an app.


How to Block Websites in Safari on Mac in macOS High Sierra


How to Block Websites in Safari Using Terminal

If you use the terminal to block websites on Safari, admin of the Mac will also be blocked and won’t be able to browser the blacklisted sites.

Step #1: Launch Terminal on your Mac.

Open Terminal on Mac

Step #2: Now, enter sudo pico /etc/hosts in the terminal window and hit the return key.

enter sudo pico :etc:hosts in the terminal window on Mac

Step #3: Next, enter the Mac Admin Password. (Jump to this post, if you have forgotten Mac Password)

Step #4: Up Next, the terminal app will open a host file. Simply scroll down to the bottom and press enter to type a new line.

Step #5: Here you need to type IP followed by the URL of the Website for eg: and press enter key.

If you want to block multiple site address then follow step 5 once again. Make sure to use a separate line for every domain.

Block Websites in Safari on Mac

Step #6: Once you are done with entering the website addresses, Press Ctrl + O and then hit return key from your keyboard.

Step #7: Close the terminal window by clicking on Terminate button.

That’it. Now Open the URL in Safari browser on Mac and check whether you can open it or not.

If you can still access it then simply open terminal and flush cache by typing sudo dscacheutil -flushcache and then hit enter.


How to Unblock Websites you Have Blocked Using Terminal

Step #1: Launch Terminal → enter sudo pico /etc/hosts → delete the IP address and site URL you have entered → press Ctrl+O and hit the return key.

Step #2: Finally, close the terminal window.


How to Block Website/URL in Safari on Mac with Parental Controls

Using Parental Control, you can prevent guest users from watching restricted websites; however, the admin will have full access to those blacklisted sites.

Step #1. First of all, you need to create a separate User Account for your children.

Step #2: Click on Apple Logo from the menu bar.

Click On Apple Logo on Mac

Step #3: Then click on System Preferences from the menu.

Click on System Preferences in Mac Menu

Step #4: Click on Second tab i.e Parental Control.

Click on Parental Control on Mac

Step #5: Now, click on the lock icon from the bottom.

Click on Lock to Access Parental Control on Mac

Enter Mac Admin Password and then click on Unlock button.

Enter Mac Admin Password to Unlock Parental Control

Step #6: Next, choose the User account you have created.

Step #7: Up Next, Click on web tab.

Choose User Account on Click on Web Tab in Mac

Step #8: Choose Try to limit access to adult websites automatically if not selected already.

Step #9: Click on Customize button.

Select Try to limit adult websites automatically in Mac

Step #10: Here you need to simply add websites/URLs you want to block by clicking on + button Under Never allow these websites.

Step #11: Once you are done, click on OK button.

Block Parental Control Websites in Safari Browser on Mac

That’s it.


How to Remove Websites You Have Blocked Using Parental Controls

Step #1: Click on Apple Logo → System Preferences → Parental Control → click on the lock icon → Select user account → Go to web tab → Customize.

Step #2: Select the website and Click on minus(-) button.

Step #3: At last, Click on Ok button.


Block Website on Mac OS X High Sierra Through Self-Control App

ways to block website on mac os x

SelfControl is a free Mac app you can use to avoid distracting websites. Apart from blocking websites, this app also helps you block URL, mail servers, and other stuff.

You need to decide a period of time for which you want to block specific websites; next, add those sites to a blacklist and then click on ‘Start’.

Now you won’t be able to access those websites until that period gets over. You cannot open the blacklisted websites even after restarting your Mac or deleting the app.

That’s all friends!


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