How to Change Alexa Language Settings for Amazon Echo Devices

Changing language settings on Alexa is your primary need as you interact with this intelligent assistant with your verbal commands. But why should you modify Alexa language settings for your Amazon Echo devices? Well, if you have purchased any of the Echo devices from the speakers of languages not known to you, there may the need arise to switch to your choice of language. For example, if you have got your Echo device from an American user and you are a native Spanish speaker, you probably need to change the language from American English to Spanish. While configuring the device language, users may face an error that says the language you selected does not match your Amazon account settings. To fix this issue here is how to change Alexa language settings for Amazon Echo devices.

You can change Alexa language to English India, English Canada, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc. Read this quick guide and you can replace, or alter language settings on Alexa enabled Amazon Echo devices like Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Show, and Echo Spot.

How to Change Alexa Language Settings for Amazon Echo Devices

How to Change Alexa Language for Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Show and Echo Spot

Step #1: Open in your browser.

Step #2: Enter your Amazon account login details.

Step #3: Go to Settings Menu.

Step #4: Choose your Alexa device for which you want to modify the language and click on it.

Step #5: Now, simply change the language from the menu items.

That’s it! This process will change the language in your Alexa app as well.

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  1. Alexa was recently released in Italy. I was hoping that I could change the language to my U.S: Echo Plus which I received as a gift earlier this year. However when I follow the instructions I can also see German, Chinese and a few flavours of English but not Italian.


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