How to Change Alexa Location/ Country on iPhone and Android

The portable battery base for Amazon Echo has made it possible for users to carry the smart speaker to many places. However, when your location gets changed, you need to change Alexa device location as well. This you can do on your iPhone and Android device, as well as directly on the compatible Echo device. Here is how to change Alexa location on iPhone and Android.

If you have got multiple devices, you need to change Alexa device location for Amazon echo, Echo dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus and Echo spot device. If your Echo device is compatible, you can edit Amazon Echo location directly on the device, apart from changing location on Alexa app.

In case you are changing the country, you need to check that the country you are visiting support Amazon Echo, then you will be able to change Alexa country.

When you edit your Alexa location, the same will be used by Alexa for your Echo devices in the app for weather, time, local searches, and other location-based features.

How to Change Alexa Location and Country on iPhone and Android


How to Change Alexa Location on iPhone and Android

Step #1: Open Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.

Step #2: Tap on menu button from the top left corner.

Step #3: Tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings in Alexa App

Step #4: Choose your Amazon Echo device.

Step #5: Tap on Edit under Device location.

Tap on Edit to Change Amazon Echo Device Country in Alexa App

Step #6: Here you need to choose your country and add your address.

Step #7: Finally, tap on Save.

Change Alexa Device Country and Location


How to Edit Amazon Echo Device Location

If you have compatible Echo device then you can change your location from the Amazon Echo devices itself.

Step #1: Swipe down from the top and choose Settings.

Step #2: Next, Select device options and the Device location.

Step #3: Now, Simply enter or edit your address using Keyboard.

That’s all friends!

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