How to Change Apple Watch Activity Units from Mile to Kilometer in Workout App on watchOS 3

Apple Watch is not just an extension of your iPhone, with which you have paired your watch. There are countless features that you can enjoy on a standalone watch, i.e. without pairing it with iPhone. Perhaps these features make Apple Watch one of the best smartwatches in the world.

Fitness freaks have always found Apple Watch one of the super cool fitness gadgets as well as fitness trackers. In its latest watchOS 3 update, Apple has introduced many brilliant features for users. Now, fitness conscious users can customize workouts on Apple Watch; they can also enable and disable stand reminder.

If you are doing fitness activities like running or walking every day, you can certainly measure how long you have run or walked. Your Apple Watch stores this information in Workout app; but the default distance unit is in mile. And therefore, many users find it difficult to measure the distance they run or walk every day. There are many countries who measure distance in kilometres, and users from these countries need to change distance units from miles to KM on Apple Watch.

How to Change Distance Unit from Mile to KM on Apple Watch Workout in watchOS 3

Step #1: Give gentle tap on your watch crown to fire up all apps on Apple Watch face.

Step #2: Now open Workout app by tapping on its icon.

Workout app shows you a number of fitness activities on the face: outdoor walk, indoor walk, outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor and indoor cycle etc.

Step #3: Select any workout you do every day or often.

If you do indoor walk, tap on this workout on your Apple Watch and then start swiping from right to left until you reach Distance goal for indoor walk.

Step #4: Once you reach this Distance goal screen, press hard with your finger or thumb.

You can see two options viz. MI and KM.

Step #5: Simply tap on KM and change the distance unit.

This is how you can measure your indoor walk workout every day on your Apple Watch. Note that this change will reflect in a single workout, i.e. indoor walk. If you need to set KM as a distance unit in other workouts, you should follow above mentioned steps in each workout on your Apple Watch.

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