When you first setup your Google Home, you may forgot to choose weather unit, which is an important feature installed on the smart speaker. Weather is perhaps more volatile than stock market, and therefore, users who travel, have to keep an eye on weather. But if your Google Home doesn’t give you weather update in a unit of your choice, you have to change a weather unit on Google Home and Google Home Mini.

Google Assistant provides weather updates in two units: Fahrenheit and Celsius. If in case, you are not happy with either, you can change weather unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius or Celsius to Fahrenheit. But before that, you have to select a weather unit using your Google Home app on your smart phone or tablet.

How to Change Weather Unit on Google Home and Google Home Mini

How to Change Weather Unit on Google Home and Google Home Mini

Step #1: First off, you need to ensure that your smart phone or tablet is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home device.

Step #2: Launch the Google Home app.

Step #3: Tap on menu (hamburger icon) from the upper left corner of app screen.

Step #4: Check that your Google Account listed is the same as linked to your Google Home.

Here, you can change your Google account by tapping on the inverted triangle next to your account name and email ID.

Step #5: Tap on More SettingsPersonal Info → PreferencesWeather.

Step #6: Finally, select weather unit.

Change Google Home Weather Unit to Fahrenheit or Celsius

Though you can always change weather unit from the app, a better way is to speak command to your Google Assistant and the intelligent assistant will change weather unit.

OK Google, Change my weather unit to Celsius.

OK Google, Change my weather unit to Fahrenheit.

Google Assistant Commands for Weather Information

This below mentioned Google Home commands will provide weather information of your Google Home device address.

For getting current weather Ok Google “What’s the weather”
For getting weather forecast for:

  • tomorrow
  • Particular day
  • weekend
  • week
  • next (any number) days (choose between 1-10 days)
Hey Google “What’s the weather tomorrow, specific day, weekend, for the next 5 days”

OK Google “What will the weather between first day of the week and another day of the week?”

For some particular questions about weather / forecast Hey Google “Is it going to rain tomorrow?”

OK Google “Is it sunny today?”

Hey Google “Should I carry an umbrella?”

Get Weather Info in a certain location for:

  • tomorrow
  • particular day
  • weekend
  • week
  • next (any number) days (choose between 1-10 days)
Hey Google “Will it rain tomorrow in Texas?”

Hey Google “What’s the weather this weekend in Califorina?”

Ask for general weather in a certain location Hey Google “What’s the weather in Texas?”
Specify Weather unit Hey Google “What’s the weather in Fahrenheit?”

That’s it!

You will get weather info in your choice of weather unit from your Google Home.

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