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I am in the habit of setting up multiple Wi-Fi networks on Mac, but not all Wi-fi networks are trustworthy. Therefore, I have to rearrange Wi-fi network preferences on Mac. It is pretty easy for any Mac user to change Wi-Fi network preference settings on Mac. Follow the steps and you will be able to select which Wi-fi network your Mac should connect first.

As mentioned above, not all networks can win your trust, and hence, you tend to set Wifi priority and thus, manage wireless network on your Mac. When you change preferred Wifi network on Mac, your device will treat as the first choice. However, when your preferred network is not working, Mac will select the second network in the list and get itself connected.

How to Change Wi-Fi Network Preference Settings On Your Mac

How to Change Wi-Fi Network Preference Settings On Your Mac

Step #1: First of all, click on the Wi-Fi icon from the top right corner of the menu bar on your Mac.

Tap on Wifi icon from the Menu bar in Mac

Step #2: Click on Open Network Preferences.

Open Network Preferences on Mac

Step #3: Now you will be landed to the Network Settings page, here you need to click on the Advanced.

Click on Advanced in Network Settings on Mac

Step #4: Next, Under Wi-fi tab, you will see a list of all Wi-fi network connections. This list of network connections is the one which you have used it.

Simply click on a Wi-Fi network connection and drag it up or down according to your choice in a list, to put the Wi-Fi network of your preferenced choice.

Change Wi-Fi Network Preference Settings on Mac

That’s it friends!

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