How to Charge AirPods Without Case

So, the case is either you have lost your AirPods case, or you are tired of putting the wearables into the case every time you need to charge them, right? Well, you are not alone. Most AirPods users have, at least, once in a lifetime thought of this – how to charge AirPods without case?

Well, charging the AirPods without case is really a pretty crazy idea. The fact of the matter is, Apple has designed the AirPods to be charged directly from the AirPods case, and not in any other way. Yes, the case itself needs to be charged with a wired charger, and then the case can recharge the AirPods, but as for the AirPods, getting charged directly without a case is a challenging task.

So, can you charge AirPods without the case? Let’s find out!


Can You Charge AirPods Without the Case?

Can You Charge AirPods Without the Case

Let’s be absolutely honest and fair; you can’t charge AirPods without the case. Yes, I know that you have seen many other sites claiming that there are a number of ‘hacks’ that they have found to recharge the AirPods without a case, but these are simply some crazy baseless ideas.

Apple has clearly detailed out how you can charge AirPods here. Nowhere in the article, it’s mentioned that you can look for and try out different methods to recharge the AirPods without using the default case they rest in.

So, why can’t you charge AirPods without the case? Well, this is because the AirPods do not come with a universal charging system. It neither has a USB C or lightning port attached to the bottom to connect it to a regular charger.

As you can see in the picture, the AirPods have a different type of connecting port at the bottom that exactly matches the AirPods case’s port.

If you look at the bottom of the AirPods charging case, you can clearly see that the charging port inside is designed to hold and click to the AirPods pin only.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find the same charging port in any other charger. That’s why there’s no way you can charge your AirPods with anything else. You may try a few hacks that the internet says, but you are only going to put your device at risk!

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Some of The Fake Charging Hacks for AirPods

Just to make sure that you don’t fall for some fake hacks on the internet, here are some of the most common ways people claim that you can recharge your AirPods without a case.

Using an App

Fake Charging Hacks for AirPods - Using an App

This is a hilarious way you will find to charge your phone! There’s no way you can recharge a physical device using just software. Plus, be aware of installing some fake apps on your phone, as these can be malicious.


Using a Narrow Pin Charger

Fake Charging Hacks for AirPods - Using a Narrow Pin Charger

Some sites mentioned that you could recharge the AirPods using an old Nokia narrow pin charger. This is also not true. As you can see in the images above, these AirPods charging ports have no option for a narrow pin to pierce through. So, don’t even think about it.



The bottom line is, NO, you can’t charge AirPods without its charging case. You definitely need to charge it inside the case. If you have lost or damaged the case, simply visit the Apple store and purchase a new one. That’s the only way you have!


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