How to Charge Your iPhone Battery with New MacBook Pro [Guide]

Apple releases its products with some exciting new features. Every year, the brand launches new products in the same line; for example, this year people have witnessed two mega events during which iPhone 7/7 Plus and MacBook Pro were introduced. MacBook Pro’s was a surprise entry in October 2016.

Apple has crafted a nice piece with improved Touch ID, design, display, Touch Bar and so on. Thunderbolt 3 ports supporting USB-C is a feature that needs special mention. Thunderbolt 3 ports eliminate any other USB connection except for USB-C.

This clearly indicates that users cannot connect their iPhones or iPads as the regular USB lightning cable fails to supply any help. This raises a moot question: how to charge iPhone with new MacBook Pro?

Apple doesn’t give you any free lunch, i.e. there is no workaround. If there is any, it comes with a price tag.

How to Charge iPhone Using New MacBook Pro

USB-C to USB Adapter

This is a pretty simple and easy solution to charge your iPhone with the new MacBook Pro. This small device can be a great help with which you can use the original cable of iPhone.

Apple itself is selling USB-C to USB adapter; but if you find it beyond your budget, you can also explore other USB-C to USB adapters at a cheaper rate.

USB-C to Lightning Cable

There is another option to charge your iPhone with the new MacBook Pro. You can use USB-C to lightning cable made by many accessories makers apart from Apple itself.

All you need to do is to connect your iPhone with Thunderbolt 3 port on your latest MacBook Pro.

Apple is selling this USB-C to lightning cable at $28.99. You can find other cheaper options for USB Type-C to lightning cable from popular brands.

Apple is a brand that sells awesome products but with expensive price tags. Moreover, Apple has always promoted an ecosystem that benefits accessories makers. This new MacBook Pro is no exception. Users have to buy these two cables to charge their iPhones and iPads; either they buy the two products from Apple or from other third-party manufacturers.

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