You know how to see your Apple Watch battery status from your iPhone. And now you want to see your iPhone’s battery status from the paired Apple Watch. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible and pretty much easy. But unlike your iPhone, which has the facility of widgets, your Apple Watch has to rely on third-party apps to show your iPhone battery life. Anyway, you would love to read this tutorial as you can easily check iPhone battery life on Apple Watch.

Battery Watcher is one of the most popular third-party app that enables you to view iPhone battery status from Apple Watch. There are others also on the list; you can also use MacID on your Apple Watch to see your iPhone’s battery life.

How to Check iPhone Battery Life from Apple Watch

How to Check iPhone Battery Life on Apple Watch

Battery Watcher is arguably the only popular app, which is free. Note that MacID is a paid app and therefore, many users will be reluctant to download this app to check iPhone battery life on their Apple Watch.

Step #1: First off, you need to download Battery Watcher.

Step #2: When you download this app on your iPhone, it will be installed on the paired Apple Watch automatically.

Step #3: Now open the app on your Apple Watch and you can there see the battery status of your iPhone.

Open Battery Watcher App on Apple Watch to Check iPhone Battery Directly from Apple Watch

If you don’t see the app on your Apple Watch, you need to open Watch app on your iPhone and then install the app there.

The Battery Watcher also gives you an alert on your Apple Watch when your iPhone battery shows 100%. However, this feature is available in the paid version of Battery Watcher.


MacID is a paid app that allows you to check iPhone’s battery status from your Apple Watch. There are other features for which MacID is popular among users. By using the MacID app, you can connect this app with multiple Macs; you can unlock your Mac using Touch ID, Passcode, Apple Watch or Pebble; control your Mac’s audio etc.

Download and Install MacID on your iPhone and it will be downloaded on your watch automatically.

Once the app is inside your watch, check that the Glance for MacID is toggled on; this feature will allow you to check the battery level of iPhone with a single swipe up on the watch face.

Aside from battery level indication, MacID tells you if your iPhone is connected to your mobile data; in case your iPhone is connected to any Wi-fi network, the app shows you the name of the network.

That’s it!

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