If you want to see who is using your WiFi on Android, this information shares every detail to solve the problem. People keep sharing their WiFi password with their neighbours; but then those freeloaders keep using free WiFi for many days, or sometimes weeks. All of a sudden, you realize and ponder over: who is using my WiFi on Android?

So you have to take some harsh actions and block them from using your WiFi on Android. However, you don’t want to go through that complex process of playing with settings. Well, you don’t need to fear that complicated workarounds; there is an app called Pixel NetCut WiFi Analyzer in Google Play Store that can discard such unwanted guests from your WiFi network. And you don’t need to log into your router, that’s the bonus.

This app gives answer to your question: who is connected to my WiFi router? There is only one drawback of this app – it works on your rooted Android devices. So before you use this app, you need to root Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and Google Pixel phones.

Note: Many Android users face this problem at home. But they raise this question in different manners.

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  • How to know how many devices are connected to my WiFi router
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  • How To See Who is Connected To Your Android WiFi Hotspot
  • How to see connected devices to my Mobile hotspot

The app discussed here resolves all your queries; simply follow below mentioned steps.

How to See Who is Using Your WiFi on Android Phone

Step #1: Download and install Pixel NetCut WiFi Analyzer on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store. It’s a free app, which will help you kick out people from your Wi-Fi network.

Step #2: Next, launch the app on your device and tap ‘Grant’ on the Superuser access request.

You will be landed on the main menu of Pixel NetCut, where you need to tap ‘Scan’ to see all devices piggybacking on your Wi-Fi network. During this process, your Android smartphone should be connected with the Wi-Fi network you wish to analyze.

Step #3: After the scan is completed, your smartphone will flash a list of devices hooked to your Wi-Fi network; this information will also include IP and MAC addresses. You can also check the manufacturers of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. This will tell you that the devices do not belong to your family members, and therefore, you can boot them out. After list the devices, you can edit them by tapping on pencil-shaped button and give each listing a moniker.

Next to the pencil icon, you can see green sliders, which can be used to toggle those users off your Wi-Fi router. Simply turn the sliders off and that device owner won’t be able to connect to your internet.

Apart from the above mentioned feature, Pixel NetCut also boasts some valuable network diagnostic features. For example, upon choosing a device from the list, you can notice ports reserved by the device; moreover, you can also check ping and latency times. This is a great Android app that has some cool features.

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