Your Apple AirPods are arguably one of the costliest accessories you have. This makes you all the more cautious when you are using the pods. It goes without saying that you take enough care of your AirPods by keeping them in the best AirPods carrying cases or AirPods covers. However, sometimes covering your pods is not just enough.

You have to go extra mile to clean AirPods and keep them clean and clear with other accessories. If you use AirPods regularly, you must have noticed that the pods come into the contact of dirt, dust, ear wax or grime. Given the hefty price you have paid for AirPods, it is only wise to keep the product clean at regular intervals.

How to Clean Apple AirPods

How to Clean AirPods and Keep them Clean and Clear

Use a Microfiber Cloth

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your AirPods clean and clear. A microfiber cloth wouldn’t occupy much space in your pocket or laptop bag. For that matter, you can also keep this cloth in your iPhone 7 wallet cases.

The moment you look a smudge or a stain on your AirPods, take out the microfiber cloth and wipe out that nasty stain.

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Antibacterial Screen Cleaner

Believe it or not, your Apple AirPods can bear some moisture; though you should not take them as water-resistant or waterproof. But before you use any antibacterial screen cleaner, you should watch this video.

This clearly indicates that if your AirPods come into contact of a little moisture, you should not be worried about it. There are many instances registered on online forums, where AirPods owners share experiences like they forgot to take their pods out of pockets, and the pods got wet during laundry. The shocking part comes when they use their AirPods and they are fully functional.

But this doesn’t allow you to use any hand sanitizer or other skin cleaning solutions to clean your AirPods. Such solutions or cleaner are bad for electronic products. Hand sanitizers or substance like nail polish remover can be harmful to the external polish of AirPods; and sometimes, it can damage the product as well.

You should better use an antibacterial screen cleaner that is made particularly for cleaning electronics. A cleaner like Whoosh can clean, polish, and disinfect your AirPods.

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Simply Swab IT…

During your leisure time at home, take a cotton swab and clean the AirPods; a medicated cotton swab can work magically on your AirPods, especially in the areas like speaker grilles or in the seams.

Points to Ponder

Finally, experts suggest that users should be careful while using their AirPods and other devices of communication. Before you insert your AirPods into your ears, make sure that you have removed ear wax from ears.

If you think that AirPods case is just to titivate the accessories, think again. Every product is designed with some reason and logic. Storing your AirPods in the case will always keep them clean and clear. To give this case an extra layer of protection, you can also AirPods carrying cases.

Do not share, if you care…

Sharing doesn’t always mean caring. Your friendship may force you to share your AirPods with others, but this will only invite more germs, grime, ear wax, finger prints, dirt or dust on the product.

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