How to Clear App Store Cache Memory on iPhone and iPad

Memories are good only if they are stored digitally on your Google Photos or on any other cloud account. But if your iPhone or iPad apps generate any background memory in the device, it certainly causes some issues in your phone.

Of late, people have come up with an issue of iPhone App Store memory issue; they want to clear iPhone App Store memory with the help of a workaround. Well, Apple probably doesn’t offer any solution to such problems. Over a period of time, expert users have used their ingenuity to find solutions to these problems.

If you check your App Store and go into the Updates section, you will find that all apps are updated but still you see a number on the Updates icon at the bottom; or maybe you can see a number on the App Store icon on the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

This might inspire you to take some action in App Store only to find some issues there. Moreover, your App Store may act weird when you try to explore Featured, Top Charts or Categories there. You may not get proper results or the store may not load as it should be. Your immediate action should be double-tapping the Home button to force close the App Store app.

But when this fails to give you any result, you need to clear iPhone App Store memory in a different manner. This information tells you how you can remove iPhone App Store memory with a unique trick.

How to Clear App Store Cache Memory on iPhone and iPad

How to Clear iPhone and iPad App Store Cache Memory

This trick is a bit unusual and therefore, you can expect Apple’s official support page to give any solution.

Step #1: Launch App Store on your iPhone/iPad.

Open App Store

Step #2: You need to force the app to reload like a web page, and therefore, select any one button and tap on it continuously for 10 times.

Tap on Featured Option 10 times to Clear App Store Cache Memory

For example, you can select the first button of Featured; and then tap it for nine times in quick succession (you have already tapped once while selecting that button).

This will reboot and refresh your App Store on your iOS device. And this should clear out App Store memory along with some of the bizarre issues. Note that sometimes rebooting your iPhone cannot fix such problems appeared in App Store.

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People wonder how come such serious issues have these strange solutions. But this is your technology world – anything is possible here. I remember another such workaround when I cleared iPhone RAM memory. Fixing iPhone apps crashing issues is equally crazy.

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