We tend to clear search history on browsers we use on World Wide Web. This is how we make sure that our past search queries do not pop up when we are searching something similar. Human minds don’t like suggestions, do they? As a matter of fact, you can always use incognito mode in Chrome if you are using Chrome on your Android devices.

But there is a new search adventure on the horizon. People search their friends, their favourite stars, celebrities and other things on Instagram. And like search engines, you can clear Instagram search history. If you are using multiple Instagram accounts on your Android, clearing search history is all the more necessary for you.

How to Clear Instagram Search History

How to Clear Instagram Search History on Android Device

Please note that apart from Instagram, other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter track your search history. For now, you can learn how you can delete Instagram search history on Android phone.

Step #1: Launch Instagram app on your Android smartphone.

Launch your Instagram app.

Step #2: Now tap on Profile icon (which is in the bottom right corner).

Tap the people icon on the bottom-right corner.

Step #3: Tap on three vertical dots located on the top right corner.

Tap the three vertical dots on the top-right.jpgTap the three vertical dots on the top-right.jpg

Step #4: Scroll down and you will find Clear Search History option. Tap on the option.

Clear Search History on Instagram in Android

You will be asked for confirmation.

Step #5: Tap on “Yes, I’m Sure”.

Tap on yes I am Sure in Instagram App on Android

This will delete all search history on your Instagram account. Now you are free from those hashtags or profiles you have searched on Instagram.

It is quite simple information to follow. You can explore this beautiful photo sharing app and learn something new each time. But don’t forget to share what you have found new on your Android device. Catch us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


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