For any reason, if you wish to use two accounts for a single app like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram or any other service, there is one solution you can try. With the help of Parallel Space, you can create a duplicate version of the same app and use multiple accounts. Normally, such apps come handy when you want to keep a safe distance between your personal and public life. So here is how to clone apps on Android and create duplicate apps to manage and use multiple accounts on one Android phone.

Parallel Space can help you to use multiple accounts on a single device by creating another version of Android App. There is no rocket science behind this; Parallel Space just creates a clone of your existing official app as these apps never provide facility to create duplicate accounts.

Note that if you are using clone, you cannot use the original app at the same time. If you want to use the stock app, you need to verify your mobile number in apps like WhatsApp and others.

Before you start using clone apps, you need to download Parallel Space from Google Play Store. Once the app is installed and a shortcut is created on your Android phone, follow below mentioned steps.

How to Clone Apps on Android to Use Multiple Accounts

How to Clone Apps on Android to Manage Multiple User Accounts

Step #1: Tap on Parallel Space from the app list.

You will be shown a slideshow explaining how the app works and its stunning features. You can skip this tutorial and go straight to the app. For new users of this app, it is advisable to go through this tuition.

Step #2: On the home screen of Parallel Space, you will find an astronaut landing on the moon. After a few seconds, the app will show a screen with some tiles and two overlapping squares in the round at the bottom.

Step #3: Tap on the square and you will find apps you can create clones of.

Step #4: Tap on any app you want to make a clone of. Then follow instructions one by one until the clone is created.

Be sure that you can access the clone from this app only; the clone will not settle on the home screen of your Android phone. Moreover, you won’t be able to use close if you don’t verify the code generated by the respective app.

Note that it is very difficult to use a clone of WhatsApp and Snapchat; hence, you should avoid the two apps and try other apps on your smartphone.

Do you know any other smarter app to create a clone of official apps? Then you can share your feedback/link in the comment section. Also write your feedback on our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages.

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Remember that with the help of clone app, you cannot hide your identity as your name and number will be reflected to other users with whom you are communicating. So if you are planning to be a secret admirer of your love interest, you should drop this idea. Just give respect to social media and stay loyal to your friends and family.


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