How to Compress Video Without Losing Quality in Android?

Ever noticed how bigger the video size has been becoming as you upgrade to a better Android phone?

On top of that, if you want to transfer a recorded video from a DSLR to an Android device, you will require a mountain load of storage. Let us not even discuss the edited clips exported from PC software.

I had to face so many issues, so I almost gave up recording short films on my smartphone. However, a friend in the media sector has changed my mind recently.

So this is not the end folks, learn how to compress video without losing quality in Android. Trust me, you will feel like a reborn phoenix after this!


Disadvantages of Uncompressed Videos on Android

disadvantages of uncompressed videos on android


Before we get to the point, why do you need to compress videos on your Android device?

This depends on the smartphone model you use. For instance, it is an outdated device that has limited storage. However, you do not want to lose the videos either.

You can compress them for further use via phone.

Another reason is social media platforms. No matter how many posts you share in them, each post comes with a compressing algorithm. Therefore, you cannot upload a 99MB video file as a post that only allows 15MB.

Plus, do not forget the bandwidth issue. Not everyone has super-fast internet speed. If you want to send a large video to a friend, the slow internet will make it fail repeatedly.


Uses of Apps to Compress Video Quality on Android

uses of apps to compress video quality on android

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The only problem you will come across is the lack of such a compressor in any Android smartphone or tablet. I have selected the two most popular and reliable apps to guide you through this section.

Camera MX

Camera MX


The Camera MX is an Android camera app with many features. It rates high in the PlayStore app for being convenient for any Android phone model.

First, you have to install Camera MX on your Android device to begin the video compressing operation. Once you open the app, you will have the option to go to the designated folder where you save the videos.

So, find and pick the video you wish to resize. Tap the Compress Video and opt for A New Resolution and Size shown on the top portion of the screen.

Wait till the compressing operation has been completed, then play the video to test. This app compresses the videos with minimum damage to the quality.

Still, if it is not to your liking, you can check out the app I have mentioned below.


Video Compress

Video Compress


If you are looking for a way to maintain the same video quality while reducing its size, nothing can beat the Video Compress app.

It is one of my favorites so far and has kept its promise with an excellent compressing feature. The step is always installing the app on your Android device.

Open the folder that contains all your videos via the app. Choose the video you wish to make shorter. Here you can either trim the video or compress it by tapping on the desired action.

Confirm your choice and wait for it to render the edited version.


Notable Video Compressing Apps for Android

video compressing apps for android


The perks of owning an Android device is the access to many editing apps on PlayStore. Keeping this in mind, I have included a few more apps that work wonders in compressing video without losing the quality.

Make sure your phone/tablet has the storage space to install one of these apps, at least.

Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2 app

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If you are a video editor who is always on the move, working on the phone is the efficient way to get half the editing done. Moreover, you can directly share the works from your phone, so no more transfer trauma from phone to PC and vice versa.

Video Dieter 2 is such an awesome app that resizes a complete video to the desired quality. The features here will allow you to add music too.

More importantly, you will not lose the initial quality, thanks to its incredible compression output.


Videos & Movies Compressor

Videos & Movies Compressor

A lot of you have probably come across this app on PlayStore but never thought to try it. I was in the same situation too. My friend suggested I utilize this app for editing and sharing large video files without losing quality.

I am glad I listened to the advice, now compressing videos is an effortless task with this app. It supports most of the file formats that many apps fail despite the high-end interface.

Even the use of the app is simple for anybody with video editing experience to comprehend. The only issue I ever faced was the inability to compress several videos at once.

I suppose we can live with that.


Video Compressor by Sunshine

Although the fame of this app is sky high, it is not available on PlayStore. You will have to download the apk file in order to install the app.

Nevertheless, all of that hassle is worth the time. It does not just compress the video but also lets multiple of them at the same time.

The rendering duration is incredibly quick and saves about 90% of the space in your phone storage. Therefore, whatever you record or add to your device will be compressed while maintaining the same quality.

This is a great app for social media influencers who has to deal with daily story shares. And the best part is that you can view the video right on the app and share it directly with your friends/family.

It means you can post the compressed video on your social media account instantly as well.  



Source: Instagram

While many might ignore this app due to its recent release, I implore you to give it a try. Newer apps as VidCompact listen to the users’ requests and apply that to their features.

Hence, you will have compressing, trimming, converting, cropping, etc., of a video plus advanced editing options. The app is entirely free!


Resize Video

Resize Video


The name says it all. It comprises a straightforward interface to select a video from your file manager and resize it according to your requirements. It does not compromise the quality when reducing the size.

Plus, you can even trim the video length for further scope minimization. I suggest any newbies try it out before jumping on to the complex ones.


Final Words

Sometimes the mere removing of the unnecessary audio can reduce the size significantly. Even the part that you decide is pointless can be trimmed without altering the whole quality.

This allows further reduction in size. Just make sure you utilize the right app for the chosen clip.

While I have done my best to help you with how to compress video without losing quality in Android, the rest is now in your hands. There is no point compressing the video as it will only take up phone memory space if the video is blurry.

So, use the videos with clarity and clear focus. This lets editing a smoother process as well. Happy editing!

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