How to Connect iPhone to External Speakers – Get the Party Started!

Are you wondering how to connect iPhone to external speakers? If that is the case, you have arrived at the right place.

Apple’s iPhones are equipped with the latest technology upgrades and software features that are capable of almost anything. Thanks to this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that there are multiple ways to connect an iPhone to external speakers. Today we are going to show you how.


How to Connect iPhone to External Speakers

iPhone Audio Port

#1 Plug It In – The Classic Way

The simplest and easiest way to connect an iPhone to external speakers is to plug in the device. You can do this by using the traditional 3.5mm auxiliary jack, which is commonly known as the “aux cord”.

However, we do need to mention that the latest generation of iPhones do not support auxiliary cords and you will need an adapter. Fortunately, there alternative methods.


#2 Use the Dock

docking stations for iphone

Docking stations are some of the most useful accessories for iPhones. They act as a battery charger, but that’s not all. They can also put the iPhone in control of the music.

Setting up the dock is super easy and it doesn’t take longer than one minute. On the downside of things, not all external speakers are equipped with docks. Follow the methods below if that is the case.


#3 AirPlay

using airplay application for connecting iphone to external speaker

AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary wireless connectivity system that is designed specially to help iPhones connect with external speakers.

We also want to highlight that AirPlay works with all of Apple’s other devices and it connects to almost all available external speakers.

In addition, you should make sure to check out all the features that AirPlay features because the software makes it super easy to create playlists and shuffle songs.


#4 Bluetooth

connecting iphone to external speaker with bluetooth

If you are looking for a more traditional and universal way of connecting your iPhone to external speakers, then Bluetooth is the way to go. Some devices might not be compatible with AirPlay and here is where Bluetooth comes in and saves the day.

Connecting your iPhone to external speakers is easy and you can do it just by heading over to the Settings panel and selecting the speakers from the available devices list. You need to make sure that the external speakers are in pairing mode.


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