How to Connect Mobile Hotspot to Smart TV?

Our lifestyle has become exceptionally convenient with the presence of smartphones and smart TVs.

You can achieve almost anything as long you get a steady internet connection at home. However, do you notice the Wi-Fi acting up more recently?

That is a different issue, but how do you tackle the situation halfway through a show? If your smartphone is subscribed to internet data, there is nothing to worry about!

Let me tell you how to connect hotspot to TV without any hitch. Plus, we have gathered some answers to the questions many users often ask.


Does Mobile Hotspot Work with Smart TVs?  

connecting mobile with smart tv


The first thing anybody owning both smart devices asks is, ‘can I use my hotspot for my TV?’

Why not if you can connect it to a laptop? Remember that both have access to the internet. Therefore, you can easily patch that TV with a mobile hotspot.

You do have to keep a few things in mind, for instance:

  • Both devices must include the internet connection feature
  • Your smartphone should be of the recent OS that allows mobile hotspot
  • A flat TV without smart features will not work
  • TV should offer the streaming capability
  • Smart TVs with various licenses might block the hotspot connection
  • Old smart TV or smartphone device may slow down the streaming
  • Switching to a mobile hotspot for smart TV may vary on the model and make

The bottom line is, it is not an impossible task. You just have to be slightly artful about certain devices.


How Do You Connect Mobile Hotspot to Smart TV?

Thankfully, pretty much all the recent smartphones offer mobile hotspots. If you do not know where to find the feature, here is how you can do it.

A small piece of advice before you set out for the mission – change your hotspot password to something different. Or else some external devices may automatically connect to the network.

Sometimes it can be the sneaky neighbors too!

Set Up Mobile Hotspot: iPhone

set up iphone hotspot


First, open Settings and look for Personal Hotspot. Tap on the option to find a toggle next to Personal Hotspot.

You simply have to turn it on. Now, you can either continue toward setting it up with the TV or consider putting a password to the shared network. You can do it by tapping on the Wi-Fi Password on the same page.


Set Up Mobile Hotspot: Android

set up android hotspot


Android smartphones have so many manufacturers that most Settings UI has a different layout. Nevertheless, they all deliver a similar set of functions.

Make sure you are not hoping for a mobile hotspot via a super old touchscreen phone!

Anyway, how about we use the Samsung Galaxy models as a demonstration? They have the simplest interface that often corresponds with other manufacturers.

Go to Settings found after swiping down the upper screen to open Quick View — or search Settings in the All Apps screen.

Head to Connections, where you will find features regarding all sorts of connecting facilities. Tap the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering and toggle on the Mobile Hotspot option.

If you tap on the same title again, it will take you to further commands. Do you see the Password button? Go for it and change it to something no one can decipher. You do not want any unwelcomed guest devouring your internet data.


How to Connect Mobile Hotspot to Smart TV?

tips to connect mobile hotspot to smart tv


As you turn on the mobile hotspot, it creates a network only visible by other smart devices that use Wi-Fi. Hence, your smart TV will also catch the network after you connect it.

Now Smart TVs also have different UI structures. The Settings may be on the top for some, while others may find it on the left panel.

Once you find the Settings, go for General because this is where anything related to the network is located. Of course, the next target is navigating through the Network or Network Settings.

You will be able to see your phone network popping up on the Wi-Fi list. Some units may take a while to find the network, so be patient!

However, you may turn off and on the mobile hotspot again if it takes too long. Once you select the network on your Smart TV, you can stream any program or browse content on the internet.


Data Usage by Smart TV

data usage by smart tv


Beware of the data consumption rate by any smart TV. The amount of data used up by the TV will depend on the duration and quality of the streaming.

Let me give you an example. You have selected a two-and-a-half-hour movie via Netflix using a 1080p HD. Notice the movie length and the video quality.

Now, this specification consumes about 3 GB worth of data every hour. Therefore, you can expect 7.5 GB of data usage for a single movie streaming.

It is quite a lot if you compare the rate with Netflix streaming on a smartphone. Imagine you have a 50 GB data subscription per month. So if a single movie stream eats up 7.5 GB, you cannot even begin to watch a series.

You will end up paying for extra before it is even time for monthly billing.

Besides, this is about Netflix only. Other streaming platforms actually take up higher data when watching the same movie.


Mobile Hotspot with AirPlay or Chromecast

mobile hotspot with chromecast


Many users asked this question, ‘Can I use my mobile hotspot to a smart TV with Chromecast/AirPlay?’

Yes, you can certainly do that. There are no variant modifications in these devices when it comes to mobile hotspots. However, there is no guarantee the signal will be strong enough to stream quality video/audio.

You may face lagging, which is a mood killer to anybody trying to enjoy a movie. I will not recommend the option, but you can definitely rely on the function under certain circumstances.


Can a Smart TV Create a Mobile Hotspot?

If a smartphone allows a hotspot facility, can you obtain that option in a smart TV too?

Unfortunately, this feature has not been introduced to smart TVs yet. There is a solid explanation for that.

How is the smartphone capable of creating a shared network in the first place? It is all because of the cellular network, aka the SIM card. It allows the phone to create its own connection.

Back to the smart TV, does it own a SIM card or other cellular network? No, smart TVs can only rely on external connections to allow streaming or browsing.

I hope this answers your curiosity.


The Bottom Line

Luckily, the steps about how to connect hotspot to TV is rather a simple procedure — you do not have to be a tech geek.

My only advice is to resort to this kind of network sharing only when in dire need. Otherwise, you might have to pay a hefty amount of money within a short period to keep up the data allocation.

Upgrading the current Wi-Fi connection at home is a better solution to maintain monthly billing costs. Plus, you cannot be sure whether the hotspot connection will provide a stable streaming experience.

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