Once you have successfully enabled Alexa Video Skill on your TV or video service, it is time to use Alexa to control that TV or video service by voice commands. You would love to change channels, find and play movies and TV shows, and control playback. Check this tutorial on how to control tv or video services with Alexa.

Note that Alexa controls smart TV or video service via Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show devices; hence, you can use your voice commands to enjoy the viewing experience on your TV.

How to Control TV or Video Services with Alexa from Amazon Echo

How to Control TV or Video Services with Alexa from Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show

Simply remember a few voice commands to change channels, find and play particular titles, and control playback. Check the commands listed below.

Purpose Voice Commands
Change Channels
You can ask Alexa to change a particular channel by the number of channel or the name of that channel for live TV services. “Go to [channel / network]”

“Tune to channel [number]”

“Switch to [channel / network]”

“Change the channel to [channel / network / number]”

“Change to [channel / network]”

“Turn on [channel / network]”

“Watch [channel / network]”

Find and Play Specific Titles
You can command Alexa to look for movies, TV shows, and other programming by title, actor, genre, or category. With your voice command, you can also initiate playback from search results. “Play [movie / TV show]”

“Search for [movie / TV show / program category]”

“Watch [movie / TV show / episode]”

“Show me [kids / news / sports / etc.] programs”

“Find [movies / TV shows] with [actor]”

Control Playback
Alexa will help you control video playback for live and on-demand content. “Pause”





“Fast-forward [timeframe]”

“Rewind [timeframe]”

In case there are more than one ways to watch a specific title, Alexa opens the video details on TV screen so that you can choose from available viewing and/or purchase options using your remote.

If you have set up parental controls or restrictions on viewing for TV or video service, you should keep using the same process to circumvent those restrictions; for this, you can enter your PIN or password using your remote. You cannot ask Alexa to bypass those restrictions.

That’s it!

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