How to Convert Keynote Presentations to PowerPoint, PDF or HTML on Mac

Apple’s Keynote Presentation is a useful little tool for professionals working in giant corporations. They can create and collaborate presentations on their Mac or MacBook. But when they want to share the keynote with other colleagues, they need to ensure that their co-workers are using Mac as only Mac users will be able to open and edit Keynote Presentations. So what about Microsoft users, who are working on Windows operating system? Well, Apple gives you a facility to convert Keynote Presentation to PowerPoint, PDF or HTML on Mac.

Exporting a Keynote Presentation to PDF, PowerPoint or HTML on Mac or MacBook for Windows computer is pretty simple; and therefore, Mac users ensure that they change Keynote presentation files to PowerPoint so that non-Apple users can open a Keynote file in PowerPoint. Apart from PowerPoint, you can save a copy of your keynote presentation in QuickTime, Images, or Keynote ’09.

How to Convert Keynote Presentations to PowerPoint, PDF or HTML on Mac

How to Export Keynote Presentation to PowerPoint, PDF or HTML Format on Mac

Step #1: You can either create a new presentation or use an existing one on your Mac. Launch the Keynote on Mac; I have already created a keynote presentation here.

Step #2: Next, you need to click on File menu.

Click on Keynote File Menu on Mac

Step #3: Now click on Export To.

It is time to choose a format you want to export the file to. Your Mac will show you some options like PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, QuickTime, Images, and Keynote 09.

Now on, the procedure to save your presentation in any format is nearly the same. It is up to you which format you want to select. I like any presentation in PowerPoint, and therefore, I will choose PowerPoint.

Click on Export and Choose File Format on Mac

Step #4: You will see a window on your Mac; here you need to click on Advanced Options.

Click on Advanced Option in Keynote on Mac

Either you can click on .pptx or .ppt format. Note that .pptx is the latest format being used in the recently released Windows computers.

Choose Powerpoint file format in Keynote on Mac

Step #5: Click on Next button.

Click on Next

Step #6: Then you have to give a name to this PPT and select a location to save. And then click on Export.

Enter File Name and Choose Location to Save Converted Keynote Presentation to Powerpoint, PDF or HTML format on Mac

You have done it!

Remember, if your original keynote presentation is password protected, the same will be applied to this newly created PowerPoint, PDF, and Keynote ‘09 formats. If you choose PowerPoint, PDF, and Keynote, you can export files without password protection, retain the original password, or give a new password to the exported document. When you send the exported file to other persons, don’t forget to send the password along in your email. Other formats cannot be protected by passwords.

This is how you can make keynote presentations work with Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF.

What care should be taken while turning keynote presentations into Powerpoint, PDF, HTML, Quicktime, Images or Keynote ’09?

When you select the file format for converting a keynote presentation, you have to check some settings.

PDF: When you turn your keynote presentations into PDF, make sure that a higher image quality will enlarge the file size of exported copy. To protect the security of file, choose “Require password to open” checkbox and then enter the necessary information.

“Print each stage of builds” will help you have each build print on its own page.

PowerPoint: This file format can also be protected by a password. Click on “Require password to open” checkbox and enter the requested details. If the recipient is using older version of PowerPoint (1997-2003), you can use Advanced Options and select .ppt from the pop-up menu.

QuickTime: If you add a recorded narration to your presentation, click Playback pop-menu, and select Slideshow Recording.

HTML: This format will generate an index.html file that will launch your presentation in a web browser when you or a recipient clicks. You can also export animations and builds with your presentation.

Images: Select the slides you wish to export as images, and choose an image format for your slides. The file size depends of image quality.

Keynote ’09: You can password protect this file format by selecting “Require password to open” checkbox and then fill the necessary details.

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