How to Convert Photos into PDF on iPhone and iPad

Did you know that you have all types of images stored on your iPhone? Your gallery is packed with formats such as HEIC, PNG, and JPEC among others. The problem with having so many image formats is that they are not all accepted on every platform. PDFs are the designated format for official documents and if you want to share something important with a business partner or friend, then you will need to convert it to PDF.

This is where things get tricky because most iPhone and iPad users don’t know how to convert photos into PDF from iOS. Fortunately, this is not complicated at all and if you follow our guide below, you will be able to transform all photos into PDFs without a single problem.

How to Convert Photos into PDF on iPhone and iPad

#1 Using Share Sheet

The simplest and most popular method to transform photos into PDF on iPhone and iPad is to use the Share Sheet. The app is free and pre-installed. Nonetheless, follow the steps below to transform any picture into a PDF.

  • Open the Photos app on your device and tap on Albums;
  • Next, tap on Select and choose one (or more) images that you want to convert;
  • Tap on the Share button and then on Print;
  • Now, put two fingers on the photo preview and pinch out to trigger the “Save PDF” option;
  • All that is left to do is to tap on the Share icon again and select what app should be used to share the PDF file.

#2 Using the Files App

If you don’t like using the Share Sheet, then you should be pleased to know that there is an alternative solution. The iOS native Files App is also capable of transforming any photo into PDF. The difference here is that the photo must be saved on the iOS-powered device. Therefore, you can’t use this method on files that are stored in Cloud Services such as Drive or Dropbox, for example.

  • Open the Files app on your device and search for the image that you want to covert;
  • If you want to convert a single image into PDF, then you need to long press on the selected image and choose the “Create PDF” option;
  • If you want to convert multiple images into PDF, then you need to tap on the three-dots icon (ellipsis) in the top right corner and tap on Select;
  • The last step is to tap on the photos that you want to transform into PDF and then tap again on the three-dots icon to choose the “Create PDF” option.

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