There are so many news sites flourishing on virtual world; not all are worth visiting every day. Flipboard, though, carved a niche by serving curated content, news items, and thought-provoking articles. Apart from its contents, Smart Magazines feature in Flipboard offers easy-to-surf user-interface, eye-capturing design and more.

Moreover, Flipboard allows you to categorize contents by selecting your favourite categories. A step further, users can add their own sources and make their own magazine.

Smart Magazines from Flipboard

Flipboard closely follows your inputs based on which Flipboard’s algorithms create Smart Magazines. First, you need to choose a topic for a magazine and then select some related sub-topics using hashtags. Next, Flipboard collects sources from algorithms, curators, influencers and offers you a magazine that you can read.

How to Create Smart Magazine in Flipboard on iPhone and Android

First off, update your Flipboard to its latest version, i.e. 4.0.1. Once you update Flipboard on your device, follow the steps given below.

Download Flipboard on Android | Download Flipboard on iOS

Step #1: Open Flipboard on your smartphone.

Step #2: The app will greet you with its latest features like modern design, smart magazines organized around passions, and easier access.

Flipboard New Design with Smart Magazine Feature

Step #3: Next is your profile (everything you follow on Flipboard will be seen on the page.)

Flipboard New Profile Page

Step #4: Now comes the Home page, where you can add things you want to love to browse on Flipboard.

Flipboard New home Page

Step #5: After the Home page comes Smart Magazines creation tab. Tap on ‘Give it a try’ button which is in red fonts and white background.

Tap on Give it a Try Button

Step #6: Flipboard will ask you about your passion – What’s your passion?

There will be some featured sections like News, Technology, Sports, Business etc. You can select anything as your passion.

Enter your Passion

Step #7: Once you tell about your passion, you can now make it personalize by selecting some hashtags related to your passion.

For example, I have chosen Advertising as my passion, so Flipboard gives me hashtags like Mobile Advertising, Social Commerce, Display Advertising, Branded Content and so on.

Select hash Tags

Step #8: After selecting related hashtags, simply tap Done from the bottom right corner of your phone’s screen.

Tap on Done

Your Smart Magazine is created on Flipboard. You can customize hashtags by tapping on Feed icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Make a Custom Magazine in Flipboard

Now you can create a custom magazine on Flipboard; the method is pretty simple as Flipboard has made essential improvements and changes. You need to select sources to create your unique magazine by adding RSS Feeds, Flipboard Magazines, Twitter feeds, hashtags, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more.

Step #1: Launch Flipboard and open your profile page by swiping right on screen or tapping on profile icon.

Tap on Profile icon

Step #2: Under your name, you will find some figures like ADDED, LIKES, MAGAZINES, FOLLOWERS etc. You need to tap on MAGAZINES.

New Look of Flipboard Profile

Step #3: Once you tap on MAGAZINES, you will find square boxes; the first one is MAKE A NEW MAGAZINE; tap on it.

Tap on Magazine and Next Tap on Make a Magazine
Step #4: A menu will swipe up from the bottom; you need to tap the second option, which is ‘For reading specific sources’.

Create a Magazine in Flipboard

Step #5: You will be prompted to assign a name to that magazine. And then tap on ‘Add Sources’.

Enter the Name of the Magazine

Step #6: Next, you can add sources from SUGGESTED and FOLLOWING list. You can also type in your favourite website or blog to add to sources. After selecting sources, tap on Done and the magazine will be added to your profile page.

Select Source of the magazine

How to Add Smart Magazines to Home Screen

Your newly created magazine will be settled on your profile page, where it is invisible among other magazines you have created. Better to put it on Home page, where you have cover pages. Simply tap on the three vertical dots seen on your newly created magazine and tap on ‘Add to Home’ option from a menu.

Select magazine and tap on three dots and next tap on edit home

How to Arrange Smart Magazines in Flipboard

You can only rearrange your created magazines; you can’t make any change in cover stories.

Step #1: On the home page of Flipboard, browse horizontally and select your magazine.

Step #2: Tap on three vertical dots from the upper right corner of the magazine.

Tap on three dots

Step #3: A menu will swipe up with four options: Personalize, Edit Home, Remove From Home, and Delete.

Step #4: Tap on Edit Home and then press and drag hamburger button to arrange your magazines.

Tap on edit home and rearrange the magazine

This is all for the latest Flipboard app on your smartphone. Do you like this new Smart Magazines feature in Flipboard? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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