Messenger Kids account can be created on your iPhone/iPad or on Fire tablets. By using this Messenger account, your kids can video chat and message with family members and their close friends, of course with parents’ approval. Parents have a role to play here as they can set up and manage their child’s Messenger Kids account from their own Facebook account. But first thing is they need to create a Facebook Messenger Kids account for child.

Before you Signup your kids’ Messenger account, note that you have to use your iPhone, iPad or Fire tablets from Amazon. Moreover, you can make Messenger account for kids under 13 years. This feature is not yet available on Google Store. Once the account is set up on Messenger Kids, parents can monitor or control their kids’ activities as to who is being added to contact on their account. As of now, this Messenger Kids is available in the US.

How to Create Facebook Messenger Kids Accounts for your Child

How to Create Facebook Messenger Kids Account for your Child

Step #1: First of all, download Messenger kids App on the iOS device that your kid uses.

Step #2: Launch the App on the iOS device and tap on Get Started.

Step #3: Now, tap on Authorize device.

Step #4: Next, enter your Facebook login Id and password and then tap on Authorize device.

Step #5: Type the name of your child and tap on continue.

Step #6: Tap on Create Account.

Step #7: Tap on Allow Access.

That’s it! Now tell your child to take a photo and select a color to decorate messenger kids app and then tap on continue.

Check this guide to add or remove contacts on Facebook Messenger Kids Account.

Ask your child to share his/her experience with you, and then share the feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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