How to Create Live Stream on YouTube and Go Live

YouTube is not only accessed to watch interesting videos and movies. Rather, people want to create contents as they want to produce and publish their own contents via YouTube. Perhaps, it is YouTube which has given birth to citizen journalism in this digital age. Anyway, people like to go live on YouTube and stream an event so that others can watch them live. But this is not as simple as ABC. You must know how to create live stream on YouTube and go live.

If you are new to YouTube, it will take some time to stream live video on YouTube. Simply follow the steps given below; we have listed entire procedure step by step. Also note that you need to download encoder software on your computer. During the process, you can download that software and then go ahead to go live on YouTube.

Live stream feature is not only for events, you can also create a live stream to share personal contents; and you can live stream from the main YouTube app on mobile. We have listed all three methods to start live streaming on YouTube: Stream now, Events and on mobile.

How to Create Live Stream on Youtube and Go Live

How to Go Live on Youtube from iPhone, Android and PC

Before you live-stream on YouTube…

Download encoder software and set it up on your computer. The software will record your voice with the help of microphone. This will further send your voice to YouTube to get streamed. You can try Wirecast Play, which is YouTube live streaming software used by many Windows and Mac users. You may ask why one should use third-party software; well, this will definitely stop buffering when streaming is going on.

How to Stream Live Video on YouTube from Computer

How to Create a Live Stream with Stream Now

YouTube uses its smartness and lower the resolution and frame rate when you live stream with Stream Now. This will enable others to watch your live stream even as they are running their devices on slower internet connection.

Go live on YouTube instantly…

Step #1: Download and set up encoder by using Stream Name/Key and Server URL.

Step #2: Add title/description in BASIC INFO tab. You can also choose a custom thumbnail that stands for your event.

Step #3: Next, you can also schedule your next stream time (this is optional).

Step #4: If you want to make some money, you can add an optional Fan Funding card.

Step #5: In case you choose a gaming category, you can add a game title so that people can discover your stream.

Step #6: You can also set privacy settings: Public, Unlisted, or Private.

Step #7: Now you can Low Latency or Highest Quality in the STREAM OPTIONS tab. The primary difference between the two is that Low Latency is closer to real time users and Highest Quality gives the smoothest watching experience.

Step #8: Click on Mark archive unlisted when complete check box, if you only have rights to the live show. You can use this feature to remove the archived live event from the search index. You can still share and embed the link. Once the live event is complete, this will apply the setting.

When your stream is live, you can interact with your audience via live chat. You can also use SHARE tool to share the link on social media channels. Check real time analytics of the event, and keep an eye on the stream in the player, top status and in the Stream Health tab.

Once the stream is over, stop sending content from the encoder and YouTube will finish the stream. YouTube will automatically archive the event up to 12 hours and you can access the event from Video Manager section. Please note that features of YouTube Video Editor are not available for videos longer than one hour.

How to Create a Live Stream with Events

Events has got more useful features. Once you create a Live Stream with Events, you can choose privacy options, fix a start/end time, enable a backup stream, create multiple live events, and stream all events at the same time.

Step #1: On YouTube, click on your profile icon (on top right corner).

Step #2: The box that appears there has a tab ‘Creator Studio’; click on this Creator Studio.

Step #3: Next, click on LIVE STREAMING from the left navigation panel. And then click on Events.

Step #4: Now click on New Live Event from the upper right corner.

Step #5: Fill the Basic info like Title of event, Description, select privacy, start/end time etc.

Step #6: Choose Quick to initiate Google Hangouts on Air. Alternatively, you can select Custom for more encoding options.

Note that info and settings tabs are not available on mobile or tablet.

How to Create a Live Stream with iPhone or Android

YouTube live is now available on Android and iPhone/iPad. Note that the feature is available on all iOS devices running iOS 8 and later versions and all Android phones running on Android 6.0+.

Before you launch any event on your Mobile via YouTube, you should ensure that your YouTube channel is verified and it is subscribed by more than 1000 subscribers. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any live stream restrictions in the last 90 days.

Update: According to latest update, YouTubers are not supposed to have 1000 subscribers to their channels to create a Live Stream with iPhone or Android.

Using YouTube Live for the first time?

  • Download the latest YouTube app on your smartphone.
  • Choose the camera button.
  • Give necessary permission to YouTube app: Camera, Mic, and Storage.
  • You may also be asked to verify your channel.
  • Finally, select GO LIVE.

If you have no channel as of now, YouTube will ask you to create one once you select Go Live option.

Create a Mobile Live Stream

Step #1: Choose the capture button.

Step #2: Next, choose Go Live.

Step #3: Create title and then choose privacy setting.

Step #4: Optionally, you can tap on settings and then;

  • Add a description
  • Enable/disable live chat option
  • Enable/disable age restriction for your stream.
  • Indicate if your stream shows paid promotion and add a paid promotion disclosure.
  • Select the back row

Step #5: Take a picture of your thumbnail by selecting Next. If you are using an iOS device, you can upload a custom thumbnail.

Step #6: If you wish to stream in landscape mode, hold your phone in landscape mode and make sure that screen rotation lock is off.

Step #7: To share your stream, tap on Share (Optional).

Step #8: Next, tap on Go Live.

Step #9: Tap FINISH, to discontinue the stream, and then tap on OK. Once the stream is finished, an archive of live stream is created on your channel.

Step #10: Edit the privacy setting or delete the archive on my videos screen.

Live chat (mobile)

You can moderate chat messages on your mobile the way you moderate other chat messages. You can assign moderators, manage spam messages, block words proactively, or block users from chat or remove chat messages entirely. Explore more about Live Chat management.

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