How to Make Custom Memoji on iPhone X in iOS 12

iOS 12 introduces a fantastic feature called “Memoji“. If you loved using Animoji, then I’m sure you will like this also. It is a great way to spice up your iMessage conversation with your friend, family member or girlfriend. Unlike Animoji, you can create custom Memoji on iPhone X in iOS 12.

When making customized Memoji you will find so many options for experimenting with your looks. Let me show you in detail that how you can create customized Memoji’s in iOS 12 on iPhone X. In this article, I am also going to explain you how you can use, send, edit, create a duplicate version and remove Memoji’s from iPhone.

How to Create and Use Memoji on iPhone X in iOS 12

How to Make Custom Memoji in iOS 12 on iPhone X
How to Use Memoji in iOS 12 on iPhone X
How to Edit, Create Duplicate, and Delete Memoji in iOS 12 on iPhone X

Make Custom Memoji in iOS 12

Step #1: First of all, Open Messages app on your iPhone X.

Step #2: Now, Open any existing conversation or start new.

Step #3: Next, Tap on Animoji icon in the iMessage menu bar.

Step #4: Next up, Swipe right from the left and hit on the + button.

Step #5: Start customizing your look by selecting fair skin tone. And choose the one which seems similar to you. If you want to adjust the skin tone, then you use the slider to do it.

After that, you need to choose Freckles from the available four options.

You will also find an option for changing your hairstyle. There are plenty hairstyles options available to choose from, so select the one which suits your face.

Then swipe left to select the shape of your head, nose, eyes, brows, ears, facial hair, eyewear, headwear and more.

Step #6: Once you are done with customizing your look, tap on Done from the top right corner of the screen.

That’s it !! You can follow the same process for creating multiple Memoji’s.

How to Use Memoji in iOS 12 on iPhone X

Once you have made a Memoji all you need to do is to use it.

Step #1: Launch Messages app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Choose any iMessage conversation.

Step #3: Now, tap on Animoji icon from the Menu bar.

Step #4: Next, Choose your Memoji which you have created.

Step #5: Tap on the red button to record your Message and start speaking your message.

Step #6: Once you are done with recording, tap on stop button and then hit send button.

How to Edit, Create Duplicate and Delete Memoji in iOS 12 on iPhone X

You can also edit, create a duplicate version and remove the avatar you have created. To do so follow this below mentioned steps.

Step #1: Go to Messages app → Tap on iMessage Conversation → Hit Animoji icon.

Step #2: Choose the Memoji you want to edit.

Step #3: Tap on three dots from the bottom left corner.

Step #4: Now you will find three options: Edit, Duplicate and Remove.

Edit: It allows you to change the look of an avatar. For that, you need to tap on it and then start customizing according to your choice. At last, tap on Done.

Duplicate: It will create another ditto avatar. Just in case if you want to change the look, then you can start customizing from the beginning.

Remove: Choose this option only if you want to delete the Memoji.

That’s all!

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