Setting reminders on HomePod by using Siri is a great way to manage your important tasks easily. Before setting up reminders on HomePod, check that your Siri-enabled speaker and iOS devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. Your HomePod will sync your reminders with your iPhone and iPad so that you can access reminders from the mobile device as well. Now check this quick guide to create reminders on HomePod using Siri.

During the set-up process of HomePod with iPhone or iPad, you have to grant your smart speaker some access to contacts, messages, reminders, and notes. This will help you use Siri commands given in this tutorial. Now make some important reminders with Siri on your HomePod.

How to Create Reminders on HomePod Using Siri

How to Set a Reminders on HomePod Using Siri

You have to initiate the process by using a basic command: “Hey Siri, remind me to…

Next, you can ask Siri about your everyday task you want Siri to remind you about.

You can create more specific reminders on HomePod by adding locations, time, day etc. This will show you a reminder as a push notification on your iPhone or iPad.

Hey Siri, remind me to clean the washroom.”
Hey Siri, remind me to tell John happy birthday tomorrow at 09:00 a.m.”
Hey Siri, remind me to pack for the trip Saturday morning.
Hey Siri, remind me to text mom when I leave the house.”
Hey Siri, mark baking cake as complete.”

You can add items to the pre-set lists in your reminders app by using Siri commands. People normally like to make a list of shopping items; if you have placed your HomePod in kitchen, you can easily add items to your shopping list. However, you can also create a new list using Siri.

Hey Siri, make a new shopping list.”
Hey Siri, add French loaf to my shopping list.”
Hey Siri, what’s on my shopping list?
Hey Siri, remove honey from my shopping list.
Hey Siri, mark milk as completed on my shopping list.

While you are managing Reminders with Siri on HomePod, you should disable Personal Requests on the Siri-enabled speaker so that other users, who have Wi-Fi access in your household cannot use your HomePod.

That’s all friends!

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