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Probably you have fallen in love with BestBuy, Wallmart or eBay and therefore, you don’t want to continue ties with Amazon, right? Ok, for whatever reason (let’s not delve into the reason), you want to delete Amazon account permanently from PC, iPhone and Android.

Nobody has any objection if you cut ties with Amazon; however, given so many advantages, everybody is curious here. My apologies! I am again fumbling for reasons. But before you delete your Amazon account forever, you will lose many excellent services, including your Prime Membership. So go ahead carefully and close Amazon account by following two simple methods.

How to Delete Amazon Account Permanently from PC or Android:iPhone App

How to Delete Amazon Account Permanently

We have explained two easy methods to close Amazon account from the smartphone and from a desktop computer.

A word of caution:

Think twice before you go for deleting Amazon account. You cannot access your Amazon.com credentials to use Amazon’s international sites like Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.in and more. When you delete an account, you also cancel Amazon Prime free trial membership (if any) automatically. Your Amazon Gift Card balance will be lost; all your access to Kindle eBooks, Amazon videos, music library, digital software and games and other digital contents will be deregistered. You will also lose access to your Amazon account history, reviews you have written, discussions, photos and more.

How to Delete Your Amazon Account Permanently on Desktop or Laptop

To permanently close Amazon account, you can use desktop computer or laptop.

Step #1: Go to Amazon website and sign in with your user id and password.

Step #2: Now click on ‘Account & Lists’ and go to ‘Your Memberships & Subscriptions’.

Click on Your Memberships & Subscriptions

Step #3: Next, you need to click on Contact Us button.

Click on Contact Us

Step #4: On the next page, there are two sections: the first one is ‘What can we help you with’ and the second is ‘Tell us more about your issue’. Under the first section, click on Prime or Something else’ button.

Click on Prime or Something Else

Step #5: Under the ‘Tell us more about your issue’, you can find ‘Account Settings’ and ‘Close my account’ options.

Select Account Settings and Close My Account from drop down

Step #6: Now you are required to send a Delete request to Amazon team under ‘How would you like to contact us’ section by Email, Phone, or Chat.

Click on Email

Finally, choose any one option; if you select Email, you can type a reason to delete your Amazon account and then click on Send Email button.

Type appropriate message for cancelling your amazon account and click on send email button

Once you shoot your request to delete your Amazon account permanently, Amazon team will come back with a list of things you will lose with your account. The team will also make efforts to solve issues if any. If you are not convinced, Amazon will send you an email and you have to agree with your choice to delete an Amazon account.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership

When you delete your Amazon account permanently, your Prime membership will be deleted automatically. In case, you want to cancel your Prime membership only (and not your Amazon account), follow this complete guide on how to cancel Amazon Prime free trial membership.

How to Close Your Amazon Account on iPhone or Android

You can also delete your Amazon account directly from your mobile phone using Amazon App.

Step #1: Open Amazon app on your mobile and log in with your Amazon user id and password.

Step #2: Now tap on hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) from the upper left corner to launch Amazon menu.

Tap on three horizontal lines to open up amazon account

Step #3: Next, tap on Customer Service from the drop-down list.

Tap on Customer Service

Step #4: Swipe down and tap on Contact Us from the bottom of your phone screen.

Tap on Contact Us

Step #5: You will see ‘Questions about an issue?’ the section on the top, and below this, there are two options: E-mail Customer Service and Call Customer Service.

Here, we will tap on E-mail Customer Service option.

Tap on Email Customer Service

Step #6: This will open a screen with many options under ‘I’m having an issue with’ section.

Step #7: Tap on Something Else.

Tap on Something Else

Step #8: Tap on Other Issues.

Tap on Other Issues

Step #9: Now write your delete request in an empty box.

Type your appropriate message for cancellation of amazon account and tap on send email button

Finally, tap on Send E-mail button.

It is done!

Again I would remind you that once you delete your Amazon account, you don’t need to delete Amazon Prime account permanently by following a different method; it will be deleted automatically.

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