How to Delete Google Now Search History on Android Phones & Tablets

Using Intelligent Personal Assistant on communication gadgets is now essential and not just digital snobbery. It gives users a feeling of interacting with a living thing and not with any lifeless machine. On the flipside of this interaction, it satiates our inherent urge that somebody is following our commands (if not our spouse 😀 ).

Different operating systems have adopted this technology with different names; if you are using iOS devices, you must be familiar with Siri. For Android users, Google Now may not surprise them. Google Now answers your questions, makes recommendations, and performs actions by assigning requests to a set of web services. Apart from answering your questions, this personal assistant keeps an eye on your search habits to give you information you may want.

Now this creates a problem for smart users, who don’t like the idea that Google keeps all the voice search requests made by them. Since Google has the record of using user-generated search queries in its marketing and advertising plans, people may not like to share any personal search information. You wish you could browse with incognito mode as you can with Chrome for Android. But there is a different solution to this problem. You can delete Google Now search history from your Android device.

Note that Google can always track your search queries at any time as it boasts the best technology, but your all search history will be cleared and hence, Google can’t use it to make any predictions.

How to Delete Google Now Search History on Android

How to Delete Google Now Search History From Android Phones and Tablets

Step #1: Normally, Google Now can be opened by tapping on Google logo from the search bar available on the Home screen of Android device.

Step #2: Now tap on Capital G (which refers to Google) from the search bar.

Now tap on Capital G from the search bar.

Step #3: You can see a Hamburger icon on the top left corner of your phone’s screen. Tap on it.

Tap on Hamburger icon

Step #4: Since you are logged in your Google account, you will see your profile picture and name on top. Below you will find different options, which include Settings. Tap on Settings.

Tap on Settings

Step #5: Tap on Accounts & privacy option.

Tap on Accounts & privacy option

Step #6: Tap on Google activity controls.

Tap on Google activity controls.

Step #7: Tap on Web & App Activity.

Tap on Web & App Activity

At the bottom, you will find MANAGE ACTIVITY option.

Step #8: Tap on MANAGE ACTIVITY.


This will take some time on your Android device.

Step #9: Once you are on Manage Activity screen, you will see your web and app activity, which includes your past searches and the content you have browsed.

Step #10: Tap on the check box you want to delete history of.

Tap on the check box you want to delete history of

Step #11: Now tap on DELETE.

Tap on Delete

Please note that if you want to clear entire history, you should tap on vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots).

Tap on vertical ellipsis

Step #12: A menu will pop up on the screen with five options, among which first will be “Delete options. Tap on this first option.

Tap on Delete options

Step #13: Again you will find three options with radio buttons: Today, Yesterday, and Advanced.

Web and App Acitivity Options

Step #14: Tap on Advanced option.

Tap on Advanced option

Step #15: You will be asked to select date. Tap on Select date.

Tap on Select date

Step #16: Tap on All time (you can also choose the first option of Past 4 Weeks).

Tap on All Time

Step #17: Tap on DELETE.

Tap on Delete Option

You will be asked for confirmation. Tap on DELETE again and entire search history will be deleted from your Android device.

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