Normally I do take enough care while sending messages on my WhatsApp contacts; once in a blue moon it happens that I send a message to a person, who has nothing to do with that message. I wish I could delete that message so that s/he is not bothered by the text. Thankfully, WhatsApp has listened to my prayers. And now with the latest update, the chat app has introduced ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. With the help of this feature, I can delete sent WhatsApp message on iPhone and Android phone after the message is delivered.

But wait! What kind of messages can you delete with this feature? Well, Delete for Everyone by WhatsApp helps you erase everything you sent to groups or separate contacts, and this includes texts, images, voice messages, GIFs, locations, contacts, quotes, status replies, etc. Note that you can delete messages for everyone within seven minutes after sending the message. If you fail to take any action in those seven minutes, you won’t be able to delete sent WhatsApp message from server on your iPhone or Android phone. Remember that both persons – senders and receivers – must be using the latest version of WhatsApp on their devices.

How to Delete Sent WhatsApp Message on iPhone and Android After Delivered

Hope you have updated your phone with the latest version of WhatsApp: launch App Store → Updates→ WhatsApp → and then tap on Update.

Step #1: Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android.

Step #2: Open the chat in which you have sent a message by mistake. You can also delete sent WhatsApp message from a group.

Step #3: Now tap and hold the Message you have sent.

Step #4: If you are using an iPhone, you will see a pop-up with Delete option, and you need to tap on that Delete button.

For Android users, they can tap on trash icon available at the top of the screen.

Three options will appear on your phone screen:

Delete for Me: This deletes the message on your device only.

Delete for Everyone: This removes the sent message on devices of senders and receivers; you can delete texts sent to an individual and group.

Cancel: No action will be taken.

You know which option you need to select; since you want to delete, go for Delete for Everyone.

It is done! You have deleted the WhatsApp message sent by mistake.

The recipient can see a text: “This message was deleted”. While you are chatting with someone and find “This message was deleted”, it means the sender has erased message for everyone.

Similarly, you can delete multiple sent messages by selecting messages you want to eliminate.

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This ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature saves your relationship if you have sent something offensive to somebody by mistake. Many thanks to WhatsApp for introducing this feature. What is your opinion about this feature? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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